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Lenovo T430s can draw power from 3 cell bay battery but cannot charge

Just received my new T430s and the first thing I tried to do is insert the 3 cell Li-ion bay battery from my T420s into it. However, during boot up system says it does not recogise this type of battery (ESC key needed to get pass this screen to continue bootup).

In the power manager, the battery will shows up, and the T430s can use the battery normally. However, it just refuse to charge it. I have tried to update battery firmware and read any FAQ in the T430s manual or lenovo website. Nothing shows up. It is weird that such an advance battery cannot be used in a new laptop just 1/2 generation from the last one. I saw from lenovo website that the new 3 cell battery is Type 43.


Has anyone using Tx30 laptops successfully use this battery? Thank you


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Re: Lenovo T430s can draw power from 3 cell bay battery but cannot charge

The T430s employs the new Rapid Charge feature. This requires a new generation of batteries that are incompatible with the old. 


I was able to find this statement about main batteries:

New battery models (70+, 70++, 81+, 82+) feature a hardware authentication chip. These batteries will work in 2012 and older ThinkPads. Existing battery models (55, 55+, 55++, 66+) do not have a hardware authentication chip and will be recognized, but not be charged, in 2012 ThinkPads.
This doesn't mention your model 42 battery but the T430s announcement did include a new model 43 3-cell battery (0A36310) so it's likely the same restriction applies.
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