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Lenovo T431s sound gets cut off randomly when headphones are plugged in




We have about sixty to seventy units of T431s that our medical students use as their primary school laptops. However, when they are watching videos, sound will cut out randomly. Other times sound will cut out if they plug a headphone in. I have been unable to replicate the issue each time and it comes and goes it seems.


I have done every update, reinstalled drivers, updated all Adobe products. The laptops come with Windows 8 but we use our enterprise level Windows 7 64-bit on these machines. Short of reimaging all the systems to 32 bit, I'm all out of ideas.


I have run out of options at this point. Ideally we'd like to resolve the issue without having to reimage 60-70 systems.


The following solution was provided by the original poster of the issue:


  1. From Device Manager, remove and delete the Realtek drivers
  2. After doing this you should only see High Definition Audio
  3. Just restart immediately after doing the removal without performing any update

After restart, you should see two High Definition Audio drivers under Device Manager . This seems to fix all issues regarding the sound problems.


Original poster of this issue also remove the Dolby Digital Profile application which caused issue before.



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