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Lenovo T490 Laptop Freezes/Hangs & Screen Issues

I've recently begun encountering an issue with my new T490. It's happened several times already so I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing something similar.


The specifications are:

  • 1440p Glossy Display
  • 1TB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe SSD (installed post-factory)
  • 40GB RAM (8GB factory + 32GB installed post-factory)


It seems that occasionally when pressure is placed on the laptop, the screen could either freeze or start displaying multicolored artifacts.


This has happened in several different ways:


  1. Sometimes, I rest my elbow on the plastic part immediately right of the trackpad (around where the Intel sticker is). A little too much pressure here will cause the screen to display artifacts.
    • Sometimes the screen will freeze (does not respond to keyboard, trackpoint, or external mouse input)
    • Sometimes after relieving pressure operation continues normally
  2. I rest the laptop on one leg, then place both my hands on either side of the keyboard (lightly).
    • Sometimes the laptop will continue operating normally.
    • Sometimes the screen will freeze, will not respond to input and requires a force reboot to resume work.


I'm not sure if this is just a manufacturing flaw (like a loose component on the motherboard that gets knocked around when there's pressure on the laptop) or a structural design flaw with the laptop.


Any troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Lenovo T490 Laptop Freezes/Hangs & Screen Issues

I'm seeing the same thing. This is a bone stock T490 i7 with 16GB and 256GB from the factory. I noticed when I balanced it on my knee and grasped it on the sides and slid it back and forth a little the screen started glitching and the laptop locked itself.


I also have another user with an i5 variant that has the screen lock up multiple times in a meeting sometimes (she's less than thrilled). Not sure that has anything to do with this, but this is a worryingly large sample out of the few T490's we've so far deployed that are glitching.

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