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Paper Tape
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Lenovo T570 issues



I've purchased new Lenovo ThinkPad T570 with the following specs:


  • CPU i7 7600U
  • GPU 940MX
  • 32Gb RAM
  • 1Tb SSD PCIe (Samsung PRO 960)
  • "15.6UHD
  • LTE

Batteries: 32Wh 4Cell Li-Ion front battery + ThinkPad Battery 3 Cell Li-Ion (24Whr) - up to 13.5 hrs according to OEM


System setup:


Win10 x64

- All unnecessary apps are off/deleted (all background apps disabled)

- No resource-consuming apps running (Skype and that's it)

- Visual Windows effects are turned off

- All possible background Windows services (such as error reporting, Cortana and etc. are off). I did not touch any services through msconfig though, they are at defaults.

- Power type: Balanced

- Screen brightness at 95%



What I am experiencing from time to time is dimming screen (Power Options -> Advanced Settings -> Display - > Enable adaptive brightness is both OFF (on battery and plugged-in).


1. What can be the cause for dimming?


2. Other question - battery is holding maximum 5.5-6 hrs (no resource heavy tasks, only browsing, 1080p videos on youtube). How to optimize that?


3. Windows update or simple JAVA setup can trigger fan to start working heavily blowing basically cold air - very annoying.


All newest drivers are installed. BIOS is updated to the latest version.


Feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo T570 issues

From what I've seen in similar posts, these dimming issues can sometimes be resolved by removing and reinstalling the display driver. I wouldn't know of any other way apart from the steps you already took. 


You didn't specify by how much your screen dims and how often. However, a brightness setting of close to 100% with a UHD screen is usually going to be a very strong drain on the battery, so 6 hours of battery life seem more than reasonable. Just for comparison, I have a T560 and I rarely increase my brightness above 50%. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo T570 issues

Hey Vic-t,

thank you for your reply.


I will give it a try and re-install the display driver.


It dims everytime the system is on battery and from my observations, only when screen is at 95-100% brightness. When for example it was on 49% like last 2.15 hrs, it didn't behave strange.

I have now used the laptop for 2.15 hrs with brightness set to 49%. Battery went from 84% to 51% and it says 2.27 hrs remaining. What I've been doing - Youtube in background (720p) and Outlook e-mails.

It seems like I am getting like 4.42 hrs of work. Is this normal?

My eyes are bleeding because of this brightness though :-)


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Re: Lenovo T570 issues

When I got my T570 a few days ago, I noticed the fan issue too, but then I updated all the drivers to the latest versions, and since then I haven't noticed it anymore. The system runs much cooler than I expected it to as well.


So make sure you have all the latest drivers, especially the power manager one.


Another reason could be Intelligent cooling. Try forcing Cool Mode: IKTXF1X

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Re: Lenovo T570 issues

Wouldn't cool mode cause *more* fan activity, not less? We need a quiet mode.

Frankly, I don't understand how High Performance (presumably lots of fan activity) is different from Cool Mode (also presumably lots of fan activity).

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