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Make ExpressCache Work Again

I have a 3-year-old T430 with a 16 GB SSD used as a cache for a traditional hard drive. It worked great for a few years, but at some point quit doing anything. I opened a command prompt as an administrator and typed this command:


eccmd.exe -info


The cached read percent was 0.00% and the other parameters showed that the cache was no longer active.


I spent the last hour searching this board, the Sandisk forum, and the Internet in general, but found absolutely no one offering any solutions, other than reformatting the SSD (which I did) or re-installing or upgrading the ExpressCache software. That didn't help either.


Then out of the blue it hit me: what about the Windows Prefetch folder? This is where Windows itself stores information about programs to help it load them faster, and also provide hints to the defrag utility to move he most-frequently used programs to faster portions of the disk.


Many optimization sites recommend clearing this folder periodically. Unfortunately, that is stupid advice because it actually elminates the very thing that is helping speed up your computer. However, having done this a few times before I realized that it was counterproductive, I also knew that deleting all those files wouldn't hurt anything and, if I really needed to, I could immediately restore them from the Recycle bin.


So, I deleted everything in the main Prefetch folder, although I did not touch any files in the ReadyBoot folder because those are used by an Intel utility to help speed up the boot process.


I then re-booted, ran a few programs, closed those programs, and then started them up again. If the cache is working, the subsequent running of those programs should read the information from the SSD cache rather than the traditional hard drive, and the "eccmd.exe -info" command should report that the cache was being used.


Much to my delight, the eccmd utility reported that everything was working again!


I'm posting this here so that others might finally find a solution to this problem that apparently a LOT of people have. I realize that the SSD cache concept is already passé because most laptops sold in the past year use SSDs as the main drive and no longer use rotating disk hard drives. However, for those of us with legacy computers, this information should be useful.


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