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Paper Tape
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Microsoft Office 2013 Activation after Win 10 Upgrade

Hello, and my apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. 


Lenovo T440p.

It was purchased with Win 7 Pro and Microsoft Office 2013 Pro installed by Lenovo.


Last week (Oct 2018) I used the online Microsoft tool to do a free upgrade to Win 10.

I did not have to download any media files or use a CD... everything was done online. 


Win 10 Pro is working fine.

Office 2013 Pro is not... it launches, but I get a nag-message about needing to activate it.  


Unfortunately I do not have the OEM-provided product key info.

Nor was the product key resigsterd via a Lenovo account to which I have access. 


Lenovo support has been of no help (the CSR indiacated that there was no product key info that she could find in the archived order info on her end).

Microsoft has been equally unhelpful.


Any chance that there might be a way to find my OEM-provided MS Office 2013 product key on the PC itself?


Many thanks!

Bit Torrent
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Re: Microsoft Office 2013 Activation after Win 10 Upgrade

If it is still in the registry, try using a free tool called Keyfinder (Magic Jellybean) and see if if locates the key for you. 


Normally when Lenovo includes office with a system, they send you a license certificate, and I believe they do so separate from the system itself... but it has been a while, so i may be wrong.   


You might also contact Microsoft's support at  1-800-426-9400 and see if they can help.


Good Luck,

Paper Tape
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Re: Microsoft Office 2013 Activation after Win 10 Upgrade

Thanks JD, I appreciate the reply. From what I've learned (12 calls and counting now between Lenovo and Microsoft) is that Office 2013 product keys aren't (supposedly) stored anywhere on the machine that they can be accessed. I ran Belarc Adviosr, and found the last 5 digits of the Office 2013 key... but that (obviously) wasn't enough info.


I haven't tried Keyfinder... but I'll give that a try next. As for any documentation that came with the PC, it's long gone. And even my attemtps to view my Lenovo ID (to see if it might be registered there) have come up short as I'm no longer able to access the account as I no longer have access to the associated email address (the business closed and the email server has been taken down). All-in-all, a lot of time and effort just to avoid paying for something that I previously purchased. Yay! :-)


Bottom line: I screwed up. I should have read more about possible issues associated with upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10. (The thought of not being able to use a previously paid for, and legitimately liscenced Microsoft product complete escaped my line of thinking.) 


But many thanks again... normally, I'm guessing what you suggested would have worked. :-)

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Microsoft Office 2013 Activation after Win 10 Upgrade



I claim absolutely no personal experience with this issue.  There are a couple of odd-seeming suggestions in the thread linked below that might be worth a try.  No idea if this even applies to an OEM version...



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