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Mobile Broadband and firewalls

I own T500 with Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband modem. I have a odd problem. I believe it is a compatibility issue of W7 and firewall softwares.

I can create mobile broadband internet connection old fashion way using DialUp connection. Then F3507g acts just like any other modem. That is reliable way and everything works as expected.

But if I use W7 Mobile Broadband (new feature of W7) - not DialUp - problems occur. My firewall software is not able to protect my system. It seems that most firewall softwares can not filter W7 Mobile Broadband connections. I have tested most of them. Only Windows Firewall and Norton Internet Security 2010 filters connections correctly and reliable.


Do you have similar system? Can you please test your Mobile Broadband connection? Same results.

I think you must use internal modem and W7 Mobile Broadband feature - no modem manufacture's software here for accesssing connections.

Here are few of the internet services you can use:,, auditmypc etc.


Please post here your results! I am interested to know.


I have tested: outpost pro, comodo, onlinearmor, fsecure, norton, pctools, windows firewall .... To many to list here. Only two worked.

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