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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎07-23-2010
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Multi region hack



Just taken delivery of a high spec T410s and dismayed that the DVD player is NOT multi region. I am perplexed that I can buy a multi region player/recorder on the high street for £60 and yet an £1800 laptop still comes with this pathetic restriction.


As I move frequently between NZ and the UK, I have several region specific DVDs. Does anyone know of a hack that can switch the player to multi region ? I appreciate there are naughty people out there, but I don't see why they should muck up my life, and it all seems somewhat irrelevant anyhow with torrents etc all over the place.


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Re: Multi region hack

it actually costs more to implement the region restriction than having the multi-region option. Just like the Macrovision device used in VCR actually costs more to the manufacturer than not having this feature.


It is more of a legal issue than anything else. There is a product called DVD region Free, which supposedly overcome this problem. 


Jin Li

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