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Blue Screen Again
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Multiple Monitors with T440p and Pro Dock

Hello:  I recently recieved my new business computer from our company offerings.  I got a T440p with the Pro Dock station.  Previously I had something similar that I got two years ago.  On the old system I was able to connect three monitors to the docking station (VGA, Digital, Display Port) and I could use any two at a time. 


On the new system, if I plug anything into Display Port (even with that monitor turned off), the Digital port becomes disabled.  So I can't seem to use my "any two of three monitor" scheme without unplugging in one and plugging in another to the docking station. 


Is there another solution for this?


Thanks.  mbb.

What's DOS?
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Re: Multiple Monitors with T440p and Pro Dock

According to this: I also have a Pro-dock (judging from the port layout) and it should be possible to use 3 monitors in any combination.


But I can't get windows to activate VGA, DVI + Display Port.


I got VGA + Mini Display Port + DVI working, but not reliably: When undocking and using the laptops build-in monitor, the multi display configuration can become invalid. Getting this configuration to work is a hassle, as multiple tries are needed and the configuration information in the Intel configuration dialog is wrong and the one in windows is ambiguous.


Configuring Display Port + VGA works with-out problems. Display Port + DVI is difficult to achieve.


Any help is approciated.

What's DOS?
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Re: Multiple Monitors with T440p and Pro Dock

When rereading the provided link closely (see above), it seems that the only supported configuration for a ProDock is *MINI*-DisplayPort + VGA + DVI. So I settled for this configuration


Unfortunately, activating this configuration sometimes is a hassle:

- When using the stored configuration through "Options -> Profile -> Displayprofile -> config" I often get: This configuration is not supported in this setup, even if the monitor configuration has not changed. This might happen, if I used the laptop in a different configuration at another place, but I have not been able to nail down the circumstances, when the configuration becomes "invalid".

- They only way to regain the configuration is then to disconnect the monitors and reconnect them in the correct order.

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