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Fanfold Paper
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My Experience Reverting to an 'Old' Laptop.

Just a though before someone decides their ancient machine is a POS because its ...Old.


I've had the 701c, 770, T23, T61.

I recently got a new 'Brand X' super-spec machine for free.

I hated it so much I sold it, and bought a T420 for literally $30.


Brand X had serious, fundimental firmware flaws- Which I won't go into- and the design had no keys, exhausted out the bottom, and didn't explain what was going on- such as- was the machine shut down, or in process of doing so?


The T420 has a subpar display, the speakers suck, and battery life is about nothing. But ...


I'm so much happier with it. Besides aforementioned shortcomings, it seems someone actually took some time to work on elements that don't show up on the spec sheet. And, it works. My productivity is way up, and really, for the things most people do- the T23 would likely have more than enough processing power.


Old mechanics saying: new is new, and good is good.

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Re: My Experience Reverting to an 'Old' Laptop.

I have a 10+ years old Lenovo W700. It weighs a ton, is overengineered and never had one iota of a problem.

I was concerned the CMOS (Backup) Battery might fail but was hesitant to change it because it required more

disassembly that I wanted to deal with on my production machine.

SO I got a P51 just before they all sold out and were discontinued. Quite happy with the P51 but now I had a

backup to the W700. I ordered a CMOS battery with a Lenovo FRU from China and it shipped from the same

city as the P51 so I'll assume it's genuine.

I bit the bullet and followed the disassembly, replacement, reassembly procedure. The plug on the battery was

tiny as were the pins on the motherboard but I managed to plug it in and it works.

Next I upgraded to Windows 10. I was concerned since I have the W700 configured as RAID1.

To make a long story short W10 1809 installed (clean) and my existing W7 Pro Key Activated it fine.

I recently updated to W10 1903 without issue (as far as I know).

So I now have a backup to the P51 should the need arise.

Since I upgraded to SSD some years ago it's still a modestly fast box.

Just because a Thinkpad is old doesn't mean it's ready for the recycler.


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Re: My Experience Reverting to an 'Old' Laptop.

Depends on how old. From personal experience, The i3/ i5/ i7 range doesn't get old anyhow. I have a 6 year old T430 and 9 year old T410 that I use regularly. I've fully modded my T430 instead of buying a new laptop (16GB RAM, 5TB total storage with 1TB msata SSD, FHD screen, quad-core processor, etc.) and it still beats many of the new sleek laptops (in fact most of them). I use it more as a desktop replacement, but also for office work, etc.

I sometimes use the T410 for reading because of its slightly more squarish screen, and despite stock specs, it's still excellent.

I also have a Helix 2 tablet which, despite its wide screen is a fantastic machine for mobility. Its specs are limited (more due to thermal management not letting CPU getting hotter than 60 or 62 degrees), but it does all the lightweight work superbly. I sometimes take only the tablet and sometimes with its ultrabase keyboard dock for added battery and as a replacement for now dead X220t (though I miss the square screen, esp. after having worked a bit on Surface Pros). If I need more processing power, I remote-desktop it to my T430, and depending on internet speed, get a fair bit of heavy work (apart from video editing which requires much faster internet). The best thing about it is that despite 4GB RAM (sadly soldered), it manages pagefiling so well, that I rarely feel the throttling (with as many as 12 Chrome tabs open, plus Word or Excell, it still doesn't blink).

I've been tempted lately to buy X60t (mostly due to IBM Logo, a nostalgia from a much much earlier e-series IBM), but X61t fascinates me more as it has Core2Duo processor, and in theory it should work as well as my Helix 2, but with a square screen and, I understand better stylus (for drawing/ pressure sensitivity).

All in all, if your work involves browsing, word processing and spreadsheets, a core2duo machine with decent RAM and an SSD upgarde should be quite enough.

Token Ring
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Re: My Experience Reverting to an 'Old' Laptop.

Great stories. But remember that if you are on Windows, old CPUs will not be supported indefinitely by current versions of Windows 10. You wouldn't want to drop another $30 for a PC and have no updates! ;-)

Fanfold Paper
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Re: My Experience Reverting to an 'Old' Laptop.

No updates. Yes, scary.


Found an old drive in a drawer and installed to test the $30 machine. It functioned- Did exactly what I'm doing now until I got a larger one w/ 10.


That old drive happened to have Vista on it.


I wasn't scared, and there's nothing anybody can do about it Smiley Happy

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