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Paper Tape
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New (4 days old) Thinkpad T430s burning smell from vent?



I just bought a lenovo thinkpad t430s and I've noticed while sitting at my desk working on my laptop a chemically/burning/new electronics smell in the general area around the laptop.  When I put my nose close to the vent it is stronger.  


I can noticablly smell it when sitting 1-2ft away from the laptop (as if you were at a desk typing).  Is this an area for concern?


I have noticed no performance issues whatsoever, the laptop is functioning perfectly.


I did have it on maximum performance this session (the time when i first noticed the smell), I am not sure if that has something to do with it.


Running on "High Performance" I recorded CPU temperatures between 40-45 degrees celcius.


Any advice on next steps would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: New (4 days old) Thinkpad T430s burning smell from vent?

Hi awslade,

Thanks for posting your concerns and welcome to the community. Based from your post this does sound really alarming. What I would suggest for you is to send it in to our service centre to have it checked out.

Hope this helps.


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Re: New (4 days old) Thinkpad T430s burning smell from vent?

There's most decidedly a 'new laptop' smell for a while. Put on a burn-in test (max out your fan to level 64 using TPFanControl) and leave it outside for a few hours.

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Re: New (4 days old) Thinkpad T430s burning smell from vent?



While your system temps sound well within normal ranges, we always err to the side of caution.   Since we have not examined your system first hand, I think it is difficult to say with certaintity whether the electronic smell is in this case normal.


With that in mind, I think Nine is advising you to contact service to have this looked into just to be sure.


In the us, the support number is 800-426-7378.  


Best regards,



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Re: New (4 days old) Thinkpad T430s burning smell from vent?

My smell really really bad too when I first got it, the smell went away after a few months.

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