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Re: New SynTPEnh driver eats up my memory!

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I appreciate your frustration on the lack of synchronization.  The short answer is that there are some manual processes involved in building TVSU content, and keeping everything synchronized today is a challenging prospect.  We could delay putting regular driver and BIOS updates (for manual download) on the web until it was available in TVSU in order to force synchronization,  but we want to updates that fix issues available as soon as possible.


There are several large transformation projects underway that should benefit both TVSU and the support site in the coming months. I agree with your view of how things should work and believe we are taking steps in that direction, but it won't be overnight.


Thanks for the candid feedback - it's helpful to understand our customer point of view on the support experience .


Best regards,





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Re: New SynTPEnh driver eats up my memory!

Mark, that's great to hear. It's encouraging to know that you realize the problem and that its being worked on.


Thanks much for the reply, it's also good to know that you are listening and responding.







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Re: New SynTPEnh driver eats up my memory!


ThinkVantage System Update has been updated and is now showing UltraNav

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