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What's DOS?
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New T450S - Considering Warranty Extensions

I just bought a new T450S Thinkpad and I'm considering extending my warranty. I have the standard 1 year depot service, no accidental protection. I logged in, checked warranty status, then saw the following options.


Maybe I'm over thinking it, but can I simply add 2 Year Depot + Accidental Protection for $119 and call it a day? There seems to be way too many options here. There's two local authorized service depots near my location. I'm assuming this is 2 years from the purchase date, which is the same as adding an additional year to my current warranty and then adding acciddental coverage to both years.


The system is great so far. My only concern is the LED display loosing contrast over time. I was thinking of adding accidental protection for the heck of it. All of these options seemed more expensive when I was buying the system. Maybe I just overlooked them.


Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Paper Tape
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Re: New T450S - Considering Warranty Extensions

In my personal opinion and experience 2 year warranty is ample and the accidental damage cover is an unnecessary expense unless you expect the laptop to receive rough treatment. I've had my T500 5 years and never needed warranty assisstance. Any problems likely will occur quickly (first year) or after time (post 3 year period). 2 years is the perfect combination of necessity and peace of mind. Just my 2c.

Bit Torrent
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Re: New T450S - Considering Warranty Extensions

@ryanflucas wrote:

My only concern is the LED display loosing contrast over time.

Where did you read that ? There is no LED display (small OLED displays are used in phones only and have a lot of aging issues). It is LCD display with LED backlight. Older CCFL backlight type had aging issues with brightness (not contrast, contrast is specific for LCD panel technology and level of cutting costs applied) but delivered better quality than LED backlight. There is no warranty extension needed for aging LED backlight.


The point of accidental damage protection is that it covers broken display that is usually intentionally overpriced as a replacement part not covered by standard warranty.

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