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What's DOS?
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New T450s doesn't turn on, please help

I just got it today, after everything was set up, I started to use it. Soon after that a message bumped out and told me tthat there're important updates, and I chose to update them. Then the laptop shut down automatically, it made a sound after the screen became black and it can't turn on anyway. I tried press the power button, it made 5 short sounds and didn't have any other reactions. The green light and the red light on the "i" of Thinkpad keep flashing in a low frequency. The only thing I have downloaded to this new laptop

The only thing I have downloaded on this new laptop was google chrome. I have no idea what happened.... Can someone help?Smiley Sad

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Re: New T450s doesn't turn on, please help

Hello and welcome,


Sorry to hear about this.  There's a post just below yours where a member reports a similar-sounding problem.


They were able to fix things by using the emergency reset hole on the bottom of the laptop.  See pages 6 and 7 of the (English) User Guide - ThinkPad T450s



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What's DOS?
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Re: New T450s doesn't turn on, please help

I had the same issue and I was able to resolve it by following the steps below:

1. Disconnect the two batteries one with yellow cover and another with black cover.(you can do that by pulling out the cable connected to the battery gently)

2. After disconnecting both the batteries, press and hold the power button on the laptop for about 10-15 seconds

This allows your battery to drain completely.

3. Now connect the internal battery back again and connect the power cable.

4. Try to turn on the laptop as you would do normally by pressing the power button on the laptop.

5. It worked fine for me. Once you confirm it is booting normally, you can screw in the back cover again and insert the external battery back to its original position.


All the best!

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