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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎11-18-2010
Location: Russia, Moscow
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No AES instruction support in T410 series with core i5 proccessors?.

All utilites like Everest/AIDA64, CPUZ,  Intel® Processor Identification Utility don't detect AES instruction set. Smiley Sad

My BIOS 1.34 up to date.


I corresponded with the support of Intel, they told me that the problem is most likely that the AES set for some reason turned off in BIOS, and was advised to seek support for Lenovo ...


What could be wrong?


Token Ring
Posts: 166
Registered: ‎07-31-2010
Location: Canada
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Re: No AES instruction support in T410 series with core i5 proccessors?.

I have the T510 with i5 540M and the AES extensions are definitely enabled as I can see a formidable boost in Truecrypt encryption speed when using AES.


However I don't see any BIOS settings for enabling/disabling AES extensions so I assume that if the processor supports it it will be enabled.


Which i5 do you have, some of them don't have these extensions. You can check here:


click on your processor and look for the "AES New Instructions" line.