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I just upgraded an X220 to a T450s, and I see that there's no hotkey for selecting a power profile anymore. This seems like a huge oversight. Windows 7 only allows its native power profiles to be selected from its quick-access tools (the battery icon in the taskbar tray or the Winkey+X menu). Now if I want to use one of Lenovo's power profiles (which are much more customizable than the native Windows ones), I have to make the Lenovo Power Manager toolbar visible on my taskbar so I can double-click it and wait for the Power Manager application to launch. Then I can select a profile, "apply" the selection, and close the application.


I'm used to switching power profiles several times a day depending on whether I'm using the laptop on battery on my couch, using it to compile code on AC power at work, or any of a half dozen other situations. Is there any way to install the old hot-switch app for selecting power profiles on this machine and map a hotkey to it?


The power profile switcher executable is C:\Program Files (x86)\ThinkPad\Utilities\PWMOSDV.EXE.

Pin it to your taskbar or assign it a hotkey (e.g. using AutoHotkey).

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I did a search on my hard drive and I don't see PWMOSDV.EXE on the disk.  Is there another source for it?