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No audio from TV when connected to a laptop DisplayPort


How do I connect my T410/T510 with integrated/discrete graphic to LCD HD TV? Through DisplayPort or via HDMI to HDMI cable? What could be the perfect link?


My laptop can't seem to transport audio signals through the DisplayPort to get digital audio on a television through an HDMI adapter.



ThinkPad does not have HDMI port, thus you would have to use DisplayPort to connect to your TV.  You can try the methods below:

  1. Get a DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable with a DisplayPort connector at one end for your laptop, and an HDMI connector at the other end for your TV, OR
  2. Get a regular HDMI-to-HDMI cable and a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter to plug into your laptop.


To solve the audio issue, here's the tips from forum members:

  1. Machine with discrete graphic card - just choose NVidia HD audio as playback device after connecting your display.
  2. Machine with integrated graphic card - the trick is to go to Control Panel > Sound control panel > Right click on your TV > Select 'Set as Default Device'.  Then you should start hearing audio out from the TV speakers, and the green sound volume meter beside the TV in the Sound Control Panel should start responding to the audio you're playing.

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des519 On 2010-10-14, 19:40 PM
alee5789 On 2010-11-24, 6:25 AM

I cannot get sound through my HDTV.  It only comes only through the laptop.  Computer is connected to my HDTV (using it right now).  Please help!




Brand new T410 with NVIDIA NVS 3100M Optimus Graphics (built in November 2010).  I am using a DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable.


Under Sound control panel, I can only see Speakers (Conexant 20585 SmartAudio HD) as Playback device.  No other choice.


ThinkPad's diagnostic tools shows the video connection as DVI to HDMI even though I am POSITIVE it's DisplayPort to HDMI.


Computer recognizes my display with name showing up (a Vizio SV320XVT).


Under Device Manager - Sound Controllers:  Conenant 20585 SmartAudio HD, Intel(R) Display Audio, and four NVIDIA High Definition Audios (locations 0-3).


Currently the laptop is docked on a Mini Dock Series 3 (433710U), but even if I connect the cable directly to laptop, I still can't hear sound through TV.


I did use System Update to download and install all updates.


Have been reading a lot of the forum threads.  No solution yet.  Please help!

Cleo_Lenovo On 2011-01-07, 3:57 AM



Are you sure you have latest nvidia display card driver, chipset, and the integrated card, conexant driver, installed altogether? As you mentioned you were using System Update tool, maybe now you can try to access www.lenovo.com/support and check whether your machine has the lates driver as listed in that page? Otherwise, you may need to download manually from the the support site.



jcil4ever On 2011-02-09, 3:42 AM

This forum was really helpful in getting my DisplayPort sound to work correctly.


I found that having the right cord is crucial in having audio work correctly. However, finding the right card is often hard. Here's something I added to the forum in regard to a cord that worked for me:


Just wanted to add my luck with two cables. This was the first cable I tried--could only get video to work with it. I tired this cable next and it works perfectly (so far...just got it tonight)--both video and (stereo) audio.




I'm connecting my ThinkPad T410 (2522W7N with NVIDIA NVS 3100M, Windows 7 Pro 64) to Panasonic TC-L32X2 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV.


@alee5789: Those were the same symptoms I was having; this cable resolved them.

JameZ On 2011-04-11, 6:43 AM



Appreciate you posting a compatible dongle :)



Austen On 2011-11-02, 0:22 AM



I have a  brand new September 2011 T520. My display port works perfectly for AUDIO and VIDEO. It is very important that you get the right adapter. I bought the StarTech DisplayPort to HDMI Video AND Audio Adapter Converter. I was worried by all the negative posts about lenovo displayports, But now that I have tested it and it works fine. Make sure your adapter says AUDIO AND VIDEO and you Run the update tool in the lenovo tool box. (Blue ThinkVantage Button.)

Anyways if you have the right adapter it was super easy. All you have to do is connect it up and your good to go!

massachusetts On 2014-08-02, 5:23 AM

(1) Anyone know if you can get audio to play from Thinkpad W500, T9400, ATi FireGL V5700, Conexant 20xxxx SmartAudio HD, Windows 7 Prof. 64-bit,    to  a TV's HDMI port?  Laptop has Displayport "D" (not D++).  I understand some of these laptops don't carry audio to TV.  I tried an adapter but couldn't get audio to play.  Is there an adapter or DP - HDMI cable that will transmit the audio?  My TV doesn't even show up in "Playback Device".  Just the Conexant and something else for "communication" (S_ _ _ _ _  I forget the other letters).   Also, laptop has been updated through Lenovo toolbox.  Anyone know if the W500 won't transmit audio to TV?  (2) or, if I were to get a separate audio cable, anyone know the appropriate type to get?   Really stuck here. I've gone through all the settings on laptop and device manager, etc.    Thank you.

akash13 On 2015-09-27, 20:28 PM

Hi All,


Sorry this is my first post so please feel free to direct me in the right direction,


I have been reading many posts but have not found anything recent on this matter.


I have a T420s and am trying to connect to my samsung LED tv using HDMI. I have bought a displayport to HDMI converter, and a HDMI lead. I have tested both seperately and therefore I know that both Sound and Video work using the 2 components.


However, when i connect my T420s to my TV using the adaptor and HDMI cable using I am able to get video on the screen, but no audio is pulling through... also when I go to "playback devices" in sounds I do not see HDMI device or my TV listed. Only Conexant 20672 SmartAudio HD. Both show disabled and disconnected devices are selected.


Are there any drivers I cound install/uninstall to resolve this issue?


I orignially had Window 7 and now am running windows 10.


Thanks, in advance for any guidance, 

Insomniacno1 On 2015-11-27, 19:24 PM

I had similair problem on Samsung LE32B450C4WXBT TV, but my laptop were connected through VGA port on laptop and VGA port on TV. Connecting the audio from headset/line out to Phono IN on the TV did not give any sound - then I read on Samsungs page that I should connect Stereo Audio cable with Jack plug to the TV and then there were sound. So look on the back of your TV to see if there is Jack plug for headset, saying something like audio IN. 




If I helped you then please say thank you.

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