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After upgrading my Nvidia drivers to the latest Nvidia GPU drivers (Nvidia, I've lost the audio features on my TV when I hook up my DisplayPort -> HDMI converter from the laptop to the TV.


1) Firstly, do check the other article to ensure that proper setup for your laptop's audio setting is correctly configured before doing the steps provided below. (Audio DisplayPort -> HDMI Setup)


If you laptop audio settings are already configured correctly via KB article (Audio DisplayPort -> HDMI setup) and you are still having no audio output to the TV,do check if your DisplayPort -> HDMI converter supports Video and Audio output. Please view our Lenovo recommended DisplayPort -> HDMI converter here


2) Download the previous version of the drivers via Link below.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Programs and Features
  4. Search for Nvidia GPU driver
  5. Click Uninstall
  6. Reboot machine
  7. Install the previous version of the GPU driver which you have downloaded.
  8. Once installation is finished, reboot your machine and check if the TV has audio output.

Please note that by reverting to previous driver, your Windows Aero might not work properly with 4GB of RAM as this was one of the issues that was addressed by the new driver.

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I see NVIDIA Drivers and NVIDIA Display Control Panel.  Their version numbers are completely different.


Tried uninstall NVIDIA NVS 3100M in Device Manager and follow the procedures.  Was unable to complete successfully; said no hardware matching this software.  The driver ( appears to be reinstalled....

Hi alee5789,


Try uninstalling it in Programs and Features and not in Device Manager.




Still I see NVIDIA Drivers and NVIDIA Display under Program and Features.  Their version numbers are completely different.


No Nvidia GPU Drivers.


see above: this is only a temporay solution............


It's a long time running

so when will it be finished??????