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Nvidia NVS3100M driver fail to install unattended or using DevMgmt.msc/inf file?

New Lenovo t510's has an Nvidia NVS 3100M Video card.

What I did:
Imported the WinXp driver in ConfigMgr. (from the XP preload SWTools\drivers on another new PC)
Made sure it had "All X86 Windows XP" mentioned in Supported platforms
Added a apply driver package in my TS, based on a WMI query on which model the TS is running from
All of this seems fine.

The symptom:
When the XPSP3 image is applied and booted for the first time, and it goes through the "Windows XP Setup" where the driver should be injected,
installation stops with a error popup:
"An error occurred while copying file NvCplSetupInt.exe"
"Cannot copy file to destination directory"
Click Retry to retry the operation or click Cancel to..


I can reproduce the issue if I try to manually install the driver using devmgmt.msc and browse to the .inf files for this.

Looking at the setupapi.log it gives me:

175 SPFILENOTIFY_COPYERROR: Source = "c:\drivers\11\NvCplSetupInt.exe", Target = "D:\NvCplSetupInt.exe


Also when I have the error using the GUI it states: "Copying NvCPLSetupInt.exe to D:"


Using processmonitor I could see it was reading for value in registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup - sourcepath value - which will be D:\


Using a clean machine with no video driver, trying to install driver from DevMgmt.msc - will fail.

Setting above regkey to c:\ - rebooting the PC and install the driver again makes it work?


But that must be a joke! I mean I can set the regkey prior to the driver setup, but there has to be a better way.


Anyone got the Nvidia driver installed using ConfigMgr? (Know that I have done this earlier with other Nvidia cards..!?!?)


What's DOS?
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Re: Nvidia NVS3100M driver fail to install unattended or using DevMgmt.msc/inf file?

I can provide no help in this as I face the same issue.  I can say that even the downloaded driver from Nvidia fails in the exact manner. 


I my imaging process I even had MDT 2010 create a 2nd partition which during MINI Setup is lettered as D with at least 300 mb of space.  No resolve. 


I also find it very strange that no one has chimed in on this thread to help.  We cannot be the only 2 people that have exprerienced this. 


The problem is with the driver install not MDT, SCCM or Standalone installation for me.  It is only during a silent install.



What's DOS?
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Re: Nvidia NVS3100M driver fail to install unattended or using DevMgmt.msc/inf file?

I had the same issue. I ended up putting the call at the back of the script chain and pointing it directly at the setup within the display folder rather than the setup in the root. The /k /s switches still don't work as expected - they force an imamediate reboot - but at least it installs.

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Re: Nvidia NVS3100M driver fail to install unattended or using DevMgmt.msc/inf file?

Hi all,

based on NVIDIA, this situation is fixed in their latest driver version:


Can someone test this and let me know via personam mail if this works for you?

The key point is, that I have tested the latest version from in my SCCM 2007 SP2 , where I install this driver based on  WMI, that searches for this device and then installs it using INF installation directly after the OS is applied (NOT when the software gets installed) and it's working fine.
So I would like to get this situation reproduced, but till now without luck.



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