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After the laptops resume from sleep mode, the laptop's on screen display (Volume and brightness indicators) are not working. However if laptop has been rebooted, it works fine.



Ensure you have done the following.


  • Check if you have the latest BIOS installed - Support site
  • Check if you have the latest Power Manager 3.62 and above - Support site
  • Hotkey package 3.52 and above - Support site
  • Check if you have the latest Power Management Driver 1.62 and above - Support site


  1. If you have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, follow the step provided below to add the "TPONSCR.EXE" into the MS Security Essentials.
  2. Click Start and search for Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. Click on the "Settings" Tab
  4. Select Excluded files and locations
  5. Click Browse and point it to C:\Program Files\lenovo\HOTKEY
  6. Select TPONSCR.EXE there.
  7. Press "Save changes"

    MS Security.jpg


If problem still persist, try disabling any Antivirus / Firewall software running in the background then try resuming the laptop and see if problem still persist.

If by disabling the Antivirus / Firewall helps solve the issue, do add the TPONSCR.EXE file into the exception list of the Antivirus.





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