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Once and for all--are Thinkpad batteries REALLY loose by design

I think the title pretty much sums it up. I see both sides on the forums, but I haven't seen an official answer from Lenovo. So can anyone say officially whether the battery is really meant to be loose or whether the "thermal expansion" explanation is just a post hoc rationalization?


I've seen a T510, an x220, and two T430s with the loose batter. The T61 I used didn't have it. I have a hard time believing that loose batteries are a deliberate design decision. It just feels cheap. I've never used a laptop with a loose battery that wasn't a Thinkpad. And I've used some pretty cheap laptops. 


In my opinion, the new Dell Latitudes feel like much more solid machines. It's too bad their 14-inch displays have such poor contrast and viewing angles. 

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Re: Once and for all--are Thinkpad batteries REALLY loose by design

Are you talking about Ultrabay batteries? Because the main battery is not loos at all.

Ultrabay battery , though a bit loose. Though, I would not have noticed it unless I read about it in the forum. I guess I'm not too picky.

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