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Opinions wanted on T500 Video Issues

Anyone having video problems on T500 running switchable graphics (GMA & HD3650 ??)


I'm running a 2056-4SU T500 and the video problems are a pain.

I handle the imaging, etc. of laptops at my company and this transition from T61 15" wide to T500 15" wide has been the worst.

I think the combination of bad drivers and Catalyst is causing this.


To test this even further, we're using the OEM Lenovo image on all 3 T500's that we bought. Ran ThinkVantage System Update a million times and have the latest everything. Sometimes a reboot hangs at the ThinkPad splash screen when docked (with lid closed) and you have to cold power off. Then if you undock it will boot into Vista. Sometimes (too frequently) you log into Vista and Windows "forgets" that you have 2 external monitors attached to the dock and "rediscovers" them. Then guess what, you have to reconfigure your extended desktop and resolution settings AGAIN.... Very time consuming and frustrating.


I purchased these T500's "hot off the press" over a month ago and the video issues are rediculous. I've been managing ThinkPads for years and even considering the "newness" of the switchable graphics and related hardware, etc. Lenovo's site doesn't offer much in remedy. While my company is not rolling out Vista, us IT guys are playing with it, so luckily these T500's are staying in my group. I cannot roll these out until all the issues are resolved.



If anyone reads this and experiences anyting similar in a T400 or T500, please let me know.


Thanks in advance,


Brian G.


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Re: Opinions wanted on T500 Video Issues

T500 seems to be a broken lot. Just wait till you experience problems with wireless networking. Hibernation seems to mess up your wireless connection and you are needed to reboot the pc to get it back, or if you are LUCKY, remove and reinstall the device through device management. T500 should stay off your users for a while.
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Re: Opinions wanted on T500 Video Issues



Please try, after using hibernation, to de-activate and then activate your Umts or Wlan cards.

Then try to reconnect to your network. Here at my R60 with AC 4.52 I have the same problem,

and this trick worked for me. There´s no need to reinstall anything.


Perhaps this will be a workaround




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Re: Opinions wanted on T500 Video Issues

I just did that, but device manager hangs :<


Thanks but it didn't work.


Not amused T500 owner.

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Re: Opinions wanted on T500 Video Issues

These new graphic cards from ATI are full of bugs, even the ones designed for desktops. The ATI foruns are full of complains about that. The HDMI "reconfiguration"  issue is a classic. Another problem is that the HD audio via HDMI does not work as expected.

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