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Pics of 9 cell battery and Slice 27++ (T520)

This is the thinkpad t520 combo that is supposed to get you 24 hours of battery life. From my experience it's completely possible providing you don't do much, and keep the screen at lowest brightness (only good for me in dark areas). Fortunately I don't need a full 24 hours of use, so I can run it at full blast(screen brightness still set kinda low though) with my music apps and get 12+ hours. I bought a samsung 470 low power ssd and didn't see much difference in batt-life from the 250gb lowest option harddrive. With fresh install of w7pro and all the needed drivers, it boots before the windows 7 logo is done animating.


I'm posting these pics of the setup because I didnt see any on the internet.








Back angle


Comparison with asus G73 17 inch gaming notebook.



Battery life is nice, even in XP  (Intel HD graphics) Cant comment on nvidia optimus!

Screen brightness seems to be -the- way to increase battery time (according to those meters, who knows how accurate they are.)


I'm not sure how long you can get with actual use. 15-26 seems to be what the meters say when I'm messing with it at a full charge.


Was more comfortable on my lap than I was expecting. (You'll notice the battery is mostly on the left side)


Can anyone tell me how to increase the Intel HD gfx maximum usable memory to be more than 128mb?







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Re: Pics of 9 cell battery and Slice 27++ (T520)

Thanks for the pics!

You won't be able to increase the allocated graphics memory in XP. Windows 7 can do that though.

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