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Please Help me extend the life of my T430

2017-07-23, 13:51 PM

Hi all,


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T430 that I bought when travelling in New Zealand about 4 years ago. This thing has been incredible and up until recently I have had no trouble at all. I have never owned any kind of protective case and this thing has been chucked in and out of bags for years and it soldiers on. 


Anyway I have digressed, just wanted to let you know what I thought of this machine! The thing is now that I have ran out of space on the HDD.  I need everthing on there so an upgrade of storage is a neccessity. I remeber (I think) once seeing a HDD that occupys the CD-Rom hole. I have never used the disk drive so this would be a perfect option for me. Can anyone point me in the direction of this part, along with fitting instructions? 


I just need to get this laptop going well for my final year at university. The screen is dimming but I can live with that for a year I reckon.  Perhaps some more RAM is a good idea too? 


Current Spec:




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Re: Please Help me extend the life of my T430

2017-07-23, 14:45 PM

Hello and welcome,


I don't have specific experience with the T430, but based on the below there are a couple of options for expanding storage.


There is/was an ultrabay HDD caddy for the T430.  Looking at the accessories section of the spec the part # is 0A65623.




Availability of the Lenovo part may be an issue.  There seem to be 3rd party vendors based on a Google search of "T430 ultrabay hdd adapter".


Another option would be an mSATA SSD.  There is a slot that can hold a WWAN card or mSATA SSD, so if it's empty now that could be an option.   Those cards are available in various capacities and price points.  It's possible that you already have a 16GB (or so) SSD there now as a cache for the HDD - which you'd have to remove, and would give up some OS speed in the process.


Hardware Maintenance Manual


If I was going w/the mSATA SSD I'd use it for the OS for speed, and make the existing HDD a data drive.  That's how I run my laptops.




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Re: Please Help me extend the life of my T430

2017-07-23, 16:13 PM

zoltanthegypsy has given you good advice. As a long time T430/T430s user let me add some additional comments.


1. The best thing you can do to improve the performance of the system is to add an SSD and make it the OS (boot) drive. 256GB and 512GB SSDs are relatively inexpensive these days. And because mSATA has been supplanted by newer formats you may be able to find an mSATA drive on sale.


2. The generic Ultrabays that go in the DVD slot generally work well and cost a lot less than the OEM version. They come in two thicknesses, 12.7mm and 9.5mm. You'll need the 12.7mm version for the T430.


3. If you anticipate needing a lot of additional storage, consider a 128GB or 256GB mSATA for the OS, then add a high capacity, e.g. 1TB, 2.5" HDD in the Ultrabay. With the T430 you can install 3 storage drives.


4. If you have only 4GB RAM then consider an upgrade to 8GB (or even more.)  

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