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Punch Card
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Please do not purchase anything from this CORRUPT corporation!!!

I originally posted the following on Nov.12th at another forum, but I'm posting this where anyone who owns or is considering owning a Lenovo product because this is something that everyone should be made aware of.

I would not recommend purchasing a T430s or any Lenovo product for that matter to anyone.

I purchased my first "business-class" laptop from Lenovo because I was tired of poor quality consumer laptops and bad customer service. I was familiar with Lenovo/IBM because I was a hardware repair technician for many years and serviced a lot of their equipment back then. My experience with Dell was okay, HP terrible, but so far Lenovo has been the absolute worst of the three!

As of right now, my T430s is sitting on the shelf at in IBM repair depot on a parts hold. This my laptop's second trip to the depot after 3 months of ownership. I called the repair before sending in my laptop again, like I was instructed to do the first time that I called to complain about it not being fixed properly the first time (and them replacing my perfectly fine new hard drive with a refurb). They could not even tell me if they had the part my laptop required in stock. I have to send them my T430s first and then they will bother to look for the needed part which of course they do not have the depot so I have been without it for a week as of today. Also, the folks at my local IBM depot are incapable of doing any type of troubleshooting and probably cannot read english. Eventhough, we are both located in the U.S., the part of the country where the depot is is not known for it's intelligence and the quality of service accurately reflects this. There is no communication between IBM and Lenovo what so ever. After Lenovo stated that the matter was resolved and new replaced board were available, IBM was telling me that they had never heard of the problem. What???

As some of you may recall my T430s, is affected by the random BSOD/Stop 101 error bug. I cannot tell you how infuriating it has been to be stuck with for the past 3 months using a defective product that the manufacturer has made aware of and instead of lifting a finger to notify it's customers and issue a recall, Lenovo tried (successfully) to cover up the problem. They decided to keep selling the T430s with newly manufactured systemboards and to completely ignore the fact that there are hundreds of defective T430s being used by people today who may have no clue that their is some wrong with their laptop. Why the media (Cnet, PC Magazine, Notebook Review) has ignored this issue is puzzling considering how many high profile businesses must have been affected by this but of course they were taking care of right away by Lenovo. It sucks to be Joe Shmo, "Mr. One laptop purchaser". I'm surprised there hasn't been any talk of a class-action lawsuit over this.

Anyhow, I do like my T430s. The build quality is excellent. The screen sucks but I knew that beforehand; watching any type of video on it is cringeworthy. It suits my purposes otherwise (between BSODs), but at this point it would take an awful lot for me to even consider buying anything else from Lenovo again
Punch Card
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Re: Please do not purchase anything from this CORRUPT corporation!!!

Ok. So here's where I stand today. Two weeks have passed for me without a laptop. I called the depot last week and the lady who answered the phone said "We just got a bunch new systemboards in today and if we have enough of them your laptop will be repaired."

What the fu-k??? I tried to remain calm but after 4 months using a defective product and now soon to be three weeks without a working laptop, I just lost it. What's most insulting is that Lenovo has been selling "defect-free" T430s' for nearly three months now! They've got my money and that's all they care about. It doesn't matter to Lenovo that there any hundreds or thousands of defective laptops out there still with their name on it. They are all about seperating you from your money and then denying you exist!

I asked the CSR to put me in touch with someone who could definitely tell me when I would receive my laptop. She went to get a manager and came back in about four minutes and said that he was busy with another matter at the moment, but she assured me that he would call me back that day. I was even given his name. Well four days later, still no call.

This is the kind of "customer" service you can expect when you paid extra for a business class laptop, folks. Right now, I kind of feel like writing apology letters to Dell and HP since I badmouthed them for crappy hardware or service with my consumer laptop purchases. However, Lenovo is ten times worst in my opinion - an absolute, atroucious and unethical corporation!

This is why and I asking you all to please not patronize Lenovo in anyway at least until they show an ounce of responsibility and repair these defective products. If you can't do it for me then do it for the hundreds (poss. thousands) of people out there who are using this T-series laptop for mission critical work but have no idea that the product they are using is deficient because Lenovo refused to do the right thing and issue a recall. Thank you!
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Re: Please do not purchase anything from this CORRUPT corporation!!!

While there are lots of customers out there with no problems, it is stories like this that make you want to say "Dude, you should have bought a Dell."


Until Lenovo takes steps to clean up their act, I must remain with my theory that Lenovo has written off the western consumer market.


Maybe one of the Lenovo folks here can help you with your specific issue.

Punch Card
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Re: Please do not purchase anything from this CORRUPT corporation!!!

Looking back my experience with Dell was not bad at all.  I know I've read of several unpleasant account with them on the internet before though.  HP is a different story.  Outside of their (really Compaq's) server products, everything else is plastic crap.  I brought my last consumer grade laptop from them.  It died after just 18 months.  There probably would not being issue if I had purchased an extended warranty, but it's what happened afterwards that soured me on them.  HP pretty much refused to repair my laptop -at my own cost!  Second, they wasted a whole day of my time saying that they were trying to get me a discount on a new laptop, but the discount turned out to be no less affordable than any deal easily found on the internet.


Still neither Dell nor HP ever sold me a defective product and then insist that I continue to use it for months while they are out there selling the same product without the defect.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Please do not purchase anything from this CORRUPT corporation!!!

Return it, it was DOA and the time should not apply since they cannot fix it. Then buy something else!!

Since they can't fix it you don't want it and not prepare to wait any longer. Its their problem if they cannot get parts for it and not yours. Get an RMA and return it for a full refund. Ask for the escalation dept. you want a case #
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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Please do not purchase anything from this CORRUPT corporation!!!

I have to say, I've been quite dissatisfied with Lenovo's customer service as well, especially the disconnect between different departments, and between Lenovo and IBM (apparently IBM still provides some parts of some sort and God help you if you have to get one of those parts through warranty Entitlement).


I actually had one CSR hang up on me last Saturday. I was trying to get something fixed that had been damaged in the previous Depot repairs and the CSR wanted to charge me for it because I was out of factory warranty (even though Depot repairs are warrantied for 90 days). When I asked for a supervisor he said people who are out of warranty can't escalate. So I asked for his name. He responded, "Have a nice day sir. [CLICK]" And honestly, the conversation was quite civil up until that point; if I'd been cursing at the guy or treating him like crap he'd have been fully within his right to hang up on me, but I hadn't.  Naturally when I called back and got someone else, they told me he hadn't created a new case number so they couldn't figure out who I'd spoken with. Yikes, Lenovo.

Punch Card
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Re: Please do not purchase anything from this CORRUPT corporation!!!

 I took someone's advice from the other forum and called the depot today. I asked specifically for the manager who's name I was given last week. He was again unavailable, but I was put in touch another manager. She reviewed my case number beforehand and knowing that they had no idea when my laptop would be fixed since they still did not have stock of the motherboard, she automatically put a request in for me to either receive a new laptop or a refund. After, the manager relay that info I proceeded to complain about the whole 4 months thing, no recall, 20 mins on hold to speak to a CSR, blah, blah... She said that I have every right to be angry and that she'd feel the same way given the situation. I actually had to apologize to her though because when we first spoke I was so angry that I could not form complete sentences. :-) Anyhow I have her direct contact info and she said that there should be a resolution by early next week because of the upcoming holiday here in the states.


I'll keep you guys posted.

Former Administrator
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Dissatisfaction with delayed depot repair on T430s


I apologize that you've had these BSOD issues with the T430s, and been stuck on part hold.


I certainly agree that three weeks is a very long time to wait on part hold, and I hope that our customer relations team is able to help you reach a satisfactory solution and restore your lost confidence in us.  


If you don't see progress on this, would you please send me a PM with your esclated case number?








Paper Tape
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Re: Dissatisfaction with delayed depot repair on T430s



Can you please post contact information for the customer relations department ?


Need to talk to them in regards to complaint with Lenovo laptop.

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