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Power Manager & Nvidia gauge (missing)

2014-03-19, 16:36 PM

Before I delve into my inquiry, I want to apologize if this has been discussed and figure out elsewhere already and, if so, would request being pointed in the proper direction..

I have a Thinkpad T530 2359CTO. If you unaware, this comes with the Nvidia NVS 5400M non-integrated graphics card. I recently updated the Nvidia card's driver and noticed something...

When Lenovo's Power Manager is run on Basic mode, within the Power Mode tab it has the "Intel Turbo Boost Technology" and a button to enable or disable it. It also would display two gauges (CPU usage in blue and GPU usage in green).When playing a computer game (for example Need for Speed), it would show that the GPU has been engaged and tapped and shows its usage through the gauge. For the CPU, it (apparently) does a bit of overclocking where the fan speed goes to MAX and performs at up to 117% (as seen on the gauge). After updating my Nvidia card's driver, I've noticed that the GPU gauge that used to display is not there anymore! Just black space where it used to be. I can see the CPU gauge still.

I tried reinstalling the program, installing the power management driver (i'm not sure if it has anything to do with the Power Manager or not...), and of course, the Nvidia driver is up to date (because that's what started this whole thing).

My main question is whether Lenovo knowlingly stopped support of this feature, plans on bringing it back, or is this a bug and I have some troubleshooting to do? I also would like to know if anyone has noticed this on their computer (to see if I'm not alone) and/or their thoughts. And, of course, if anyone has any ideas/suggestions as to how to fix this if it is a bug, please reply and let me/us hear it! Thanks in advanced....


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Re: Power Manager & Nvidia gauge (missing)

2014-03-19, 19:41 PM
I *think* it was discontinued because the GPU gauge would force the discrete GPU to be active when Power Management was running, regardless of whether a program actually needed to use the discrete GPU.

Not 100% sure, though.

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Re: Power Manager & Nvidia gauge (missing)

2017-02-04, 4:12 AM

The GPU gauge went missing from my T430's Power Manager basic view recently, so I started poking around in Device Manager due to what ColonelONeill (AWESOME user name BTW) said. I figured maybe a driver rollback would do the trick and tried it. It didn't. So I re-updated from the 2012 driver to the 2015 driver, and it worked. So I re-set-up my external monitor...and it disappeared again. In troubleshooting the issue I've discovered that if my external monitor is the primary, and the desktops are extended (not duplicated), the GPU gauge disappears when using the miniDisplayPort (but not VGA) and either the 2012 or 2015 driver. I haven't tested the 2012 driver with VGA. I hope this helps!

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