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Power failure during windows update

Thinkpad T450


During a windows update my Laptop lost power and now will not boot.  All I get after pushing the on button is it flashes 2-3 times and the lights on the Fn, Mute and Mike mute buttons light up, then nothing.


Any suggestions?

Punch Card
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Re: Power failure during windows update

Hi CraigC


I live in an area that is prone to random outages and this is very problematic to any type of updating, firmware, Windows updates, anything.


To try and fix your system, you might attempt a System Repair - see your manuals or search the forums, there's plenty of threads with the steps already explained.


One option is to get a UPS for your system, a battery backup. The aim is to allow your system to power down properly during an outage, NOT to keep it going as if nothing has happened. Also, you should get in the habit of dropping your battery (fully charged) into your system and ALSO plugging your system into AC power during critical updates - just in case the power goes out.


My laptop is plugged into AC power 99 percent of the time, the battery removed. I always check the battery, regularly check the charge, and store it away. When I update, I unplug from the AC power, drain any residual power, install the laptop battery, plug the system into AC power.  After updating, I do the reverse. This has worked for me for better than 4+ years, no issues, and my original laptop battery still holds a charge for IIRC for about 5 hours or so.


I hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Power failure during windows update

Did the laptop turn off in the middle of the update?

Was there no battery installed, making it dependant on the wall power?

That's a very bad time for the power to go out, but you knew that ..............


I would try the "paperclip" reset first.

Here is  the procedure for the thinkpad X1 I beleive the procedure for your thinkpad is very simlar, but I am traveling abroad

and it is hard for me to access the manuals.....................


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