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Token Ring
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Problem after cleaning keyboard on a T410

Hi, I just cleaned a T410 with a spray foam, as I always have done with the fluid proof thinkpad keyboard. But this the left button of the trackpoint mouse does not work anymore. Y removed the button and can see there is dust or dirty there. Also, when I apply compressed air I can see both transparent film separating from each other. There is nothing different from the right button that works fine. Does anyone what else can I try in order to fix this problem? Also, I would to understand why this had happened. Thanks Oliver
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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Problem after cleaning keyboard on a T410

I believe the moisture resistant keyboard is designed to seal against the keyboard bezel and palmrest in order to keep a small amount of liquid away from the motherboard by routing the liquid to places that will drain into the frame areas that dump into spill holes.  When I see machines that have had small liquid accidents, usually the motherboard is OK, but the keyboard is usually busted.  If it were mine and I wanted to save it, I would try to bake the keyboard (NOT THE COMPUTER) in an oven just under the boiling point of water - perhaps 95C or 200F.  I cannot guarantee that the rubber cups under the keys wouldn't be damaged, but that is what I would try, although I would expect that it might make it worse.    I tend to use such keyboards as organ donors for keyboards that need keys.


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Token Ring
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Re: Problem after cleaning keyboard on a T410

Hi Rick, many thanks for the info. I once solved a problem like this in a Mac Keyboard, using contact cleaner. It worked fine but not in this ThinkPad keyboard. I'm a little disappointing, I did not submerge the keyboard in a pool of foam, it was really a small amount. Regards, Oliver
Bit Torrent
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Re: Problem after cleaning keyboard on a T410

Leaving it out in the sun or hot room will eventually dry light fluids like water. While other drinks will leave a residue but stay in the channels. Foam on the other hand is different and may be corrosive to some parts and also rise above the channel getting into the areas not intended.


The black case can get very hot in direct sun and the plastic could warp. Battery should be removed if you try that and don't turn it on until its cooled down afterwards. Wiping keys with a damp/slightly wet cloth is more than enough in my opinion. Dust can be vacuumed with a duster brush on the end. That I've done for years on the an HP notebook. You may have to get a new keyboard (it will already be clean so no worries, eh)

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Re: Problem after cleaning keyboard on a T410

Hi tripplec, thats what I think it happened, the foam converted to liquid and the liquid had gone more inside the keyboard. But my surprise remains, the trackpad buttons of the new ThinkPad are not as a few years ago. They are more sensible now, so users beware. Sometime keyboard get really dirty, in that case don't trust the mighty keyboard, specially the trackpad buttons.
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Re: Problem after cleaning keyboard on a T410

Hello everyone,


One thing to remember is that the keyboard is not "fluid proof" it is "spill resistant" these are two very different distinctions and I would not use a foam cleaner to clean a Thinkpad unless its specifically recommended. Drying it out is the best option, I would prefer using a hairdryer on a low setting rather than making a thinkpad cake in the oven.  That's just my personal opinion though.






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