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Re: Problem with t420 Recovery discs

Plug your ethernet port directly into the router or switch which ever they have available. One reason the wired port is a must. Windows should have working drivers for the NIC & device manager should show it configured.

Thinkvantage is a Tool, it does not have drivers but it used to find the ones you need when it scans the system. You can manually download various drivers the old fashion way.

Specifiy the model/family of the machine
OS version and build
subsystem driver you're looking for - download and install

NOTE: Doing a manual rebuild (without the factory DVD's) is a very long process. I expect you'll be at it all day before its back to where you need it including Windows updates etc.

If there is a service center in the area you may be able to get DVD's from them or have them do it. Saves a lot of grief and time!!!!
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Re: Problem with t420 Recovery discs

Hi, thanks for the feedback, indeed it is a very long process (about 8 hours and no sleep!!) I have succesfully installed windows and it seems i can' t do a dual boot because i have already 3 main partitions on my hdd (system_drv , windows 7 and lenovo recovery, any help on how to do a dual boot??) Now i have a questio regarding my activation of windows. I used the so called vanilla iwndows instal and entered my OEM key, but i suspect it wasn' t accepted as a valid key, any thoughts on that??

Thanks again for your cooperation!!

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Re: Problem with t420 Recovery discs



Glad to hear you got it installed.


Use the telephone option to activate your windows install.


Why no dual boot?   You can install Linux in a single primary partition, install in multiple logical partitions, or do what I do (the lazy way) and just run it as a virtual machine.  That last option simplifies things, including backup.


You can also consider a Ubuntu wubi install: Installing Ubuntu from within Windows



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