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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

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Thirdman ...


If your not able to get the keyboard replaced under warranty it can be replaced rather easily and you can just put a piece of tape over the rough edge to protect it.  


Once you get past the keyboard issue, then the fan issue, and then the docking station issue, the T410 seems to be a solid unit thus far.

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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

You mentioned that they replaced the metallic roll cage.

Related to the computer shutting down for no particular reason, I would hazard a guess that something is shorting out. I don't think it's heat related because memory tests don't usually generate a lot of heat. Try taking out one of the modules (so you have 4gb left) and run the test again. If that works, move the memory module to the other slot.

Repeat, and then switch modules. See if there is a common denominator.

This should help you identify if it's a bad memory module, bad contact with the roll cage (the memory modules sit very close to it, if I remember correctly), or both.
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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

@Kicker774: Heh, those are a lot of issues to "get past"
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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

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I'm not sure why they would change the roll cage entirely rather than just seeing if the cable was rubbing and apply a stripe of tape to protect the cable?   If the roll cage was changed, then the system was completely dissassembled, the fan and heatsink being removed from the system board and the system board removed from the roll cage, and that entire assembly removed from the bottom cover.


Since it sounds like your random shutdowns began following this repair, it is possible that something was changed or damaged during the repair process....  


(Edit - others posted as I was composing the following - thanks Kicker774 and others for similar and faster suggestions!)


1) The memory might not be properly seated.  You could try removing and reseating the memory modules and re-run the memory test.  If if still fails, try removing one module and running with just one module and run the test.  Then switch them.  See if the problem can be isolated to a single bad memory module - easy to replace.


2) If the memory is fine, then try to note whether the shut downs occur only after the system has run for a few mins and is warmed up, and whether stressing the system with memory, or graphic or system board tests can trigger it.   It is possible that the heat sink was not properly re-installed with correct thermal paste.   If you are out of warranty, you could open the system and remove the fan / heatsink and clean thoroughly, then re-apply a dab of artic silver to the top of the CPU and GPU and then re-install and see if this resolves.   Using some software temp monitoring package could help identify whether this is really a thermal issue.  If the contact to CPU and heat sink is not good, the system can over heat / shut down without the entire system being warm since the heat isn't being transferred.


3) ESD damage.  During the repair, if proper ESD practices were not obsevered, it is possible the system board could have had ESD damage that can be latent and take some weeks to show up.  Try to run diagnostics like PC Doctor / Thinkvantage tool box or equivalent and see if if passes or fails the system board.


Sorry you have had these troubles!


Best regards,



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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

I am having EXACTLY the same issue as jonaldomo!
Sometimes it types the letter P sometimes it doesn't sometimes it just types "poiurewq". When i try to type ":" i get " |:LKJFDSA "
When the issue is occurring, quotes (") and/or (?) will access a menu item. This has made logging in with any password containing any of those characters ... challenging to say the least.
What's DOS?
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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

"Press firmly on the area 1 cm left and 2 cm up from the fingerprint scanner..." (i don't have fingerprint scanner, but more or less around "thinkpad" logo)


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I still remember my dumbass face while updating drivers Smiley Very HappyDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

any working solution?

i started to get the same problem, and i am about to call to technical support, any ideas what should i excpect?


video of the problem:

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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

Thanks Kicker774, My T410i was exhibiting exactly the problems described here with the 3, e, d, c keys - no response or a random set of characters, or keyboard functions and shortcuts. I reloaded BIOS, checked drivers, etc; and then found this thread. I logged the problem with Lenovo support at 4pm. Next morning the parts arrived (first thing) followed 90 mins later by the IBM engineer. The parts were a new keyboard and the "tape kit", two separate boxes. [You have to laugh at the tape kit. Somewhere in China people are cutting a piece of tape 15mm by 5mm, putting it in a numbered bag and shipping it out to IBM's fabulous support network.] The engineer hadn't heard of this problem, but took out the old keyboard (2 screws and unplug) and has taken a guess as good as mine of where to stick the tape. (I have a photo if anyone would like to see). Fitted the new keyboard and I now have a fully functional T410i . . . hopefully. I shall post here if the machine has any problems in the future, but if you don't hear from me, the problem seems fixed. Thanks to you all, this forum has been a lifeline to me so many times. Paul
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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410



I recently experiencing a problem. The key 2, W,S,X, and CAPSLK, not respond. Previously they are fine. And after the computer sent back to lenovo repair center for motherboard exchange, the keyboard problem appearred. I have changed the Keyboard myself and also by lenovo repair center afterwards. However, the problem maintains. It is really anoyning cause this is my only business computer and I cannot work with it!!!!!!!!!!!!   please are there real solutions rather than sending back and forth without solving the problem?


now I am typing with an external keyboard.


Thank you.



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Re: Problems with the keyboard T410

Hello everyone,


I am pulling out this old topic as I see this problem occuring for the THIRD time on my T410.


My system is still in full warranty and I have had the "poireq", "poiurewq" or "$ölkjfdsa" problem again. In my case it usually manifests itself via the "E"-button.


Everytime I reported the issue to Lenovo I was sent a keyboard to exchange the "defective" one. After the change of the keyboard everything seemed to be fine for a while. Yet, usually after 3 to 5 months the issue comes back.


This is utterly annoying and the problem is not permanently solved.


In order to permanetly avoid the problem I have already used thick tape to protect part of the roll cage with no positive or lasting result.

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