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Purpose of ThinkVantage button and its function


What is the fuction of the ThinkVantage Button and it Function?


  • Is it access to "toolbox"? 
  • What is the use of thinkvantage toolbox?
  • What is the object when prompted "to interrupt normal startup...."?

When pressed after startup, seems to duplicate Simpletap.


The blue ThinkVantage button can help you in many situations when your computer is working normally,

and even when it is not.


When your computer is working normally, press the blue ThinkVantage button to launch the SimpleTap

program (for Windows 7) or the ThinkVantage Productivity Center program (for Windows XP and Windows



Depending on the date when your computer was manufactured, your computer might have the

Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox program preinstalled instead of the SimpleTap program or the ThinkVantage

Productivity Center program.


You also can use the ThinkVantage button to interrupt the startup sequence of your computer and start the

Rescue and Recovery workspace, which runs independently of the Windows operating system and is hidden

from it. If the Windows operating system is not running properly, the Rescue and Recovery workspace

can help you do the following:


• Get the current system information.

• Rescue a file from your Windows environment or restore back-up files, provided you have made backups

by use of the Rescue and Recovery program.

• Configure your computer or start the ThinkPad Setup.

To access the Rescue and Recovery workspace, turn on the computer; then, while the “To interrupt normal

startup, press the blue ThinkVantage button” message is displayed at the lower-left of the screen, press the

ThinkVantage button. The Rescue and Recovery screen opens. For additional information, see “Using the

Rescue and Recovery workspace” on page 106.


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Radovan111 On 2017-03-13, 18:38 PM

Good evening,

of permission, ask experienced and ask for advice

I have a Lenovo T61 notebook, and I would like to ask how to deploy the ThinkVantage button that, when pressed to the ThinkVantage button that triggered the application of Lenovo Solution Center in Windows 7 and in Windows 10? In Windows Vista, click it funguje- when pressing the button brings to the ThinkVantage Productivity Center.

It is possible to set this somewhere, or it ThinkVantage button will no longer function in Windows 7 and in Windows 10?

Or do I have somewhere to download an application from Lenovo to button it work? Because I have a Lenovo notebook computer and there I have Windows Vista and also the application of diagnostic from Lenovo and there as I wrote me ThinkVantage button works, it worked with Windows 7, in Windows 10 I do not know, but up until I had to reinstall the operating system, since I'm not working.

I downloaded all possible applications, including applications from Lenovo
Hotkey Features Integration
and Keyboard Customizer utility and I can not figure it out, just me button does not work.
Please what do I download the application software from Lenovo have somewhere to work a button, I can never come to it, or where it sets. Thank Radovan

midnightvisions On 2017-06-28, 5:45 AM

If you have installed a new operating system of the original Lenovo that the computer came with, then the thinkvantage button will no longer work as that fuction is no longer supported in windows 8-10.


To enter the bios press f12 or enter during computer boot sequence, should get you into the bios, which is what the thinkvantage button did.

Agent-88 On 2018-02-05, 4:53 AM

I can't seem to be able to uninstall the Thinkvantage Toolbox through the Control Panel.   It asks if I want to stop the service to uninstall, and I reply "Yes", then I get a pop-up saying it will not uninstall until I exit, but it doesn't.  If I attempt to uninstall it again, I get a pop-up saying it is already running the uninstallation, but it is not.  What to do?

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