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Questions about deleting "System_Drv" partition

Hi all,

I've been wanting to delete this 1.17GB System_Drv partition for long, but not sure about what it will do or if it will render my system unbootable/unusable.

I've already deleted the Lenovo_Recovery(QSmiley Happy partition and merge into my data partition
about 1.5 month ago when I first received my T510. However, the hidden System_drv (only accessible through Win 7's disk management utility) still lingers around - I saw it was both an 'active' and 'boot' partition so I worried I couldn't boot my laptop after deleting the partition.

Tonight, I took the bold step of setting my C: partition (windows 7 installation partition) as active, instead of the default of 'System_Drv' being active.

After reboot, to my dismay, I couldn't boot into windows and it says there's some boot options error. I inserted the Windows 7 System Repair disc that I created previous - not the Lenovo Rescue & recovery startup disc, but the "Windows 7 System Repair" start up disc I made from the "Back up & Restore" console before, so I suppose it's solely a Windows 7 thing. Interestingly, it still boots into some sort of ThinkPad restore/repair/recovery related place (because I saw a rescue & recovery background, although I have R&R uninstalled completely); it detects my windows installation and claim a startup/boot error.

It apparently repaired the error and restarted into windows 7 again without error. I checked it by taking out the startup disc and it still boots alright after shutdown. Now, when going into the Disk Management console in windows 7, my C: Drive partition has the attributes "System, Boot, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition"; the "SYSTEM_DRV" hidden partition is only left with "Primary Partition" - not even boot nor active.

My question is that, is the SYSTEM_DRV partition still used during boot now? Can I delete it without affecting boot? What functionality do I lose by deleting it? And lastly, what is the proper way to delete it?

This is pretty clumsy, thanks so much for your help.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Questions about deleting "System_Drv" partition

I am sure by now you must have play with it but I am posting for others that face the same challenge.


I have tried to delete that partition too (SYSTEM_DRV).

After deleting it and setting active the Windows one, the system does not boot. So make sure you have an image of the entire drive before playing with it (image done with an external application like Acronis or so)


Some people commented that running the Win7 Recovery CD it will repair whatever was removed when deleting the partition.

It did found the problem and did try to repair a couple of boot files (and making backups of the old ones). However Windows 7 still not booting so the repair was not successful.


I gave up and restored the entire drive with Acronis Director (remember that the NTFS for Win7 is different than from WinXP so get a compatible software for Win7 when playing with partitions). Other day with more time I will attempt a different formula. Smiley Wink




Removing the Lenovo_Recovery partition can be done with an external application or better yet (and just much simpler) by running the executable file within it and it will give you the option to do so. No risks here. However, do make external copy of it before.

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