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R400/T400/T500/W500: Switchable graphics issues with Win 7


I made the switch to Win 7 64 and so far, it's an improvement in the "switchable graphics"-area. But I've already observed some issues:

  • Power consumption is much higher than under Vista 32. It seems related to a problem in the power management of the switchable graphics adapters.

  • On my external Dell monitor, I observe occasionally "pixel noise". In some areas of the screen pixels flicker in different colors.

  • Hang after resuming from standby 

  • When running in reduced resolution on the ATI card, I cannot enable "Full Screen" mode - all options give "Centered" display - with blank border around the display area.  But on the integrated Intel, I can stretch to fill the display.
  • Reverting to April Vista drivers, and "Full Screen" works again with the ATI card.
  • Strange, but when 2nd monitor is attached, I *can* enable "Full Screen" on the ATI - and stretch lower resoltions to take the full display.


 Anyone else know any fix?


Upon the issue happened, we've released new drivers and they can be downloaded on the following links. Most of the community users found it solved their issue.


Link below here is for Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit and are appropriates for the switchable graphics equipped models of R400/T400/T500/W500.


[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue where the power consumption increased after resuming normal
  operation from sleep state.

- Fixed an issue where the LCD had blank screen after resuming normal operation
  from sleep state by opening the lid.



Please click on the link below to download the drivers.


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