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Re: R400/T400/T500/W500: Switchable graphics issues with Win 7

Bumping up this thread until we have an answer from Lenovo.

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Re: R400/T400/T500/W500: Switchable graphics issues with Win 7



I moved all the discussions related to the NEW symptoms encountered with some application crashes and problems with browsers using GPU hardware acceleration while running on the Intel / integrated graphics mode to a new thread here.


The power consumption issues that this existing thread was about appear solved by the new drivers, so I've marked the new drivers as the solution.   Please continue any discussions related to installing those drivers here, but add your comments related to the new issues on the new thread.


I'm doing this to help sort out the conversation, and so that his thread doesn't drag on forever with various symptoms.  Also, we are opening a new case / issue with engineering that will be logged against the new drivers, so it makes sense to have a separate discussion about it.


Thanks for your help !


Best regards,




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Re: R400/T400/T500/W500: Switchable graphics issues with Win 7

[ Edited ]

Just tried the latest Catalyst Mobility (10.12). It works like 10.10, with the same issues of not being able to change brightness in dedicated mode. However, switching works without the power issues, there is no app crashes (only IE9 beta tested), and there is still the blank screen during installation.

Tested on T400 2768-AA6. All latest BIOS and Power Manager. Now, please 'engineering team', come out with a proper driver. This is already 1+ year.


EDIT: A little update here... I did some experiment where I removed the dedicated graphics using device manager (with an option to remove the local copy of the driver too), then let Windows scan for new device and find a driver which should result in the older stable driver installed (Lenovo's 8.641 from last year). So, now I'm running a hybrid of the latest switchable Intel driver with the older ATI driver. So far, it runs great! Switching works without power issues, no crashes with new app, able to change brightness in dedicated mode, etc.


Can others try this method? It may come out with interesting findings.


EDIT2: Retracted previous statement: switchable does not solve the power issue.


Moderator edit: Image >50k converted to link, per the Community Rules.

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Re: R400/T400/T500/W500: Switchable graphics issues with Win 7

[ Edited ]

Hi there,


I updated my W500 a few days ago and it looks to solve the battery problems. Yeeeeeeeeeepy!!!


One year later but better late than never.


EDIT: I updated ATI drivers, power manager and driver and a few other things so I don't really know what solved the problem but I guess it was the new graphic drivers. I updated through Toolbox or Thinkvantage and now I can work longer than 2 or 2 1/2 hours with the small battery, maybe more depending on what I'm doing.

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Re: R400/T400/T500/W500: Switchable graphics issues with Win 7

hello there please help with my similar switchable graphics issue!!!!


Lenovo aren't doing anything it seems so need to find other Lenovo users who have solved their problems...




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