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Really bad tearing with T410s switchable graphics NVS 3100M running Windows 7 64-bit



I'm experiencing really bad tearing with my T410s and its switchable graphics. I have the nVidia NVS 3100M chipset with 512 MB dedicated memory. I also have 4 GB RAM, installed by Lenovo. 


Does anyone else experience this problem as well? 


My system was erroneously ordered with Windows 7 32-bit. Then the graphics worked fine. I noticed a little tearing, but my friends just calls me picky when I complain about it. But as it comes with 4 GB RAM, and I wanted to be able to use it all, I ordered the 64-bit recovery media. After installing Windows 7 64-bit i experience really bad tearing. If scrolling up and down on a web page that has some graphic elements the whole screen flickers. And if I switch to the "Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD" the tearing gets even worse.


I have updated everything through Windows Update and Lenovo System Update. I have also tried to uninstall the graphics drivers completely and then reinstall them manually by downloading the latest drivers from the Lenovo support pages. All without any success.


I also tried to download the drivers directly from nVidia, but on nVidias page the information tells me that I need the drivers from my computer manufacturer. And indeed, the downloaded drivers refuses to install.


I believe that this problem is related to the drivers, as it worked reasonable fine on Windows 7 32-bit and Ubuntu 64-bit.


My problem now is that I cannot go back to Windows 7 32-bit as I didn't save the old restore partition, as I would rather go back to a system with 3 GB memory and working graphics.  


I'm going to call the Lenovo support in Sweden first thing on Monday morning, but it would be great to hear from you if you've had a similar experience, maybe even found a solution?




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Re: Really bad tearing with T410s switchable graphics NVS 3100M running Windows 7 64-bit

(I also had tearing with my T500 (it comes with totally different GPUs but yes, in my opinion we have the same prob))

Try things like installing a good pack:

1) Grab the latest CCCP beta. (They work quite good, not really qualifies as a beta, its totally solid.)

2) Download the latest ffdshow.


If you've done it right, the movies should be OK now. If still no go, try playing around with ffdshow settings (you can find it in your "All programs"). You can also use DXVA acceleration, that also kills tearing.


How you can enable DXVA?

1) Open up mpc-hc. (Media Player Classic Home Cinema). (From Start -> Combined Community... -> Media Player..)

2) GO to View -> Options.

3) Go to Internal filters and enable VC1 (dxva) and h264 (dxva).

4) Close mpc-hc, open the video file once again.



Other ways. Grab CoreAVC codec (it is compatible with cccp/mpc-hc). If it works, just buy it , its really a good one, supports NVidia hardware (cuda) accel. (Before you buy it you can just try downloading it somewhere. Trying it out is not a sin, but don't ban me for this sentence. Sorry this is my opinion. I try things out, and I PAY for them if they work as expected.)


This is my video about how to set it up:


(Try pausing the video. Smiley Happy And watch it in 720p)

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Re: Really bad tearing with T410s switchable graphics NVS 3100M running Windows 7 64-bit

Hi shiki,


Thank you for trying to help. I really appreciate it. But my tearing is already in Windows. If I try to drag a window around on the screen, or mark some icons on the desktop or browsing a web page. Hence I haven't even tried to play a video yet, as this problem needs to be fixed before even thinking of playing a video. If the underlying drivers doesn't work it doesn't matter  what codecs I use. 


But when I get this problem fixed your tip might come in handy, thank you.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Really bad tearing with T410s switchable graphics NVS 3100M running Windows 7 64-bit

I get really bad graphics problems with i switch to intel graphics on my T400.  Like, every other row of pixels gets offset by a certain horizontal amount.  Doesn't happen everywhere, but it's sometimes so bad as to make it unusable.  I haven't found any answer, and nobody else seems to have this problem.


But, this might be totally different from your issue.  This doesn't happen in video so much.  Rather, it occurs in normal menu bars and stuff like that.

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Re: Really bad tearing with T410s switchable graphics NVS 3100M running Windows 7 64-bit

[ Edited ]

I have finally found a temporary solution until Lenovo updates its drivers:


First disable the integrated graphics in the bios so that the "Discrete Graphics" always will be used and set that the bios should NOT detect an operating system that supports switchable graphics. 


Then download the nVidia driver:



Run the installation, you will get a error that says that the setup could not find any supported graphics card. This will however extract the installation to "C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\197.16\WinVista_Win7_64\International".


Edit the "nvsm.inf" file in that folder like this:


Add the following two lines to the section named [NVIDIA_SetA_Devices.NTamd64.6.0]


%NVIDIA_DEV.0A6C.03% = Section005, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A6C&SUBSYS_21BE17AA 
%NVIDIA_DEV.0A6C.04% = Section003, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A6C&SUBSYS_21C017AA 


And the following two lines lines to the section named [NVIDIA_SetA_Devices.NTamd64.6.1]



%NVIDIA_DEV.0A6C.03% = Section006, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A6C&SUBSYS_21BE17AA 
%NVIDIA_DEV.0A6C.04% = Section004, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0A6C&SUBSYS_21C017AA 


And finally the following two lines to the section named [Strings]





Save the file and then run the setup.exe in the same folder. The installation should now continue without any error message.



I found these settings to the inf file by looking in the nvmvle.inf file from the official drivers from Lenovo.


Now I have almost no tearing (again, this is when my friends would tell me that I have no tearing Smiley Wink) and I could watch some 1080p trailers in full screen mode on youtube without noticing any tearing! Smiley Happy


DISCLAIMER: Do not try this if you do not know what you are doing. You must understand that using the wrong drivers might actually damage your  hardware.


I however really needed to get going quickly with my new computer as my old one are giving up on me more and more for each day, so I was prepared to take the risk.


I have not tried to turn the integrated graphics back on. It is possible that it will work, but I have not had the time to test this and I think that I will leave it disabled until there are new official drivers released from Lenovo. Hopefully this can help other people with the same problem.



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Re: Really bad tearing with T410s switchable graphics NVS 3100M running Windows 7 64-bit

I just did a fresh install on my T410s, and I still have the same problem. There is a new version of the driver out, but it does not fix this. I cannot belive that not more people have a problem with this? Or do you run the x86 version of Windows 7 or just doesn't care if your windows tear up when you drag them around on your screen? Smiley Wink

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Re: Really bad tearing with T410s switchable graphics NVS 3100M running Windows 7 64-bit

I think I have to add a correction on how to get this to work.


I hade a co-worker who tried this and said that it didn't work for him. I assumed he had done something wrong Smiley Wink But now it didn't work for me either. I've really tried a lot now, but what finally worked was that I followed my procedure above. Then installed the latest Nivida drivers from their site (which doesn't need patching!) and then I installed the official drivers from Lenovo!


Maybe you can install the latest Nvidia drivers at once and then the official (older) drivers from Lenovo and it might work. My guess is that the old installation (from Lenovo) leaves some of the newer files intact from the latest Nvidia drivers, but make some changes that are required for the switchable chipset.


However, I'm happy again Smiley Happy


Hope this can help someone else that doesn't want to give up on x64.

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