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Paper Tape
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Recommended docking solution for T480?

Hello all,


I'm looking to get a docking station for my T480. I'm running Debian Gnu/Linux. After looking around a bit I have some questions before I can make up my mind:


Apart from the obvious differences (type and number of ports) and the physical difference, what are the differences between the mechanical docking stations and the Thunderbolt 3 docks? Are there functional and/or performance differences? Or are they kind of equivalent?


Also, I've seen some complaints about the method of connecting the laptop to the docking station - people say the have problems to physicaly connect, that the connection is not stable and that the connector is not durable. Could people here give some advice on that?


Basically, my needs are simple - I need a docking solution that will work with T480 and Debian, be durable and stable. I don't need too many ports, so if getting a mechanical dock, I was thinking of either the pro or the ultra version.


I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on these issues.





Punch Card
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Re: Recommended docking solution for T480?

I recently went through this and settled on this solution:


It only has one video output (HDMI) and 2 USB ports, but daisy chaining USB buses works great, the Gigabit ethernet works great, and for $20 I don't think it can be beat! For me (used to $200 docks that have power flickering, etc) this is a great solution.


We have 2 laptops - now we stack them on top of each other and simply move the USB-C between them to switch computers (each with its own high wattage power brick for fast charging). Much better than physically removing them from the mechanical dock!

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