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Blue Screen Again
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Replace 5400rpm 320 HDD w 7200rpm 500 HDD on T400 7417-CTO

On the Model listed in the "Subject" field above is there any reason why I can't replace the original 320GB 5400 RPM HDD with a 7200 RPM 500GB HDD.  I checked the Lenovo site for my model and it stops at 320/7200 or 500/5400.  Does anyone know why the 500/7200 is not on the recommended list?  Has anyone installed the 500/7200 on this model?  I checked some of the retail drives out there and there are no differences in the power requirements.  In one case the power draw was less on the 500.  So I'm guessing it's not heat or insufficient power supply. 


Also, the pre-installed drive has an 8MB cache, any reason why I can't install either a 16MB or 32MB cache drive?

Some other T400 models have the 500/7200 drive in the recommended list???  The only thing really different about my model is the Hi-brite display.  I know it's a power hog, but as I said there doesn't appear to be any additional power requirements with the 500/7200 drive and no pert of this computer gets very hot no matter how intense the use.  FYI, I am not a gamer.  Does that tilt things back in my favor?? Additionally the video on my unit is controlled by the Intel on-chip 4500, so no extra heat or current draw there.  Please help me answer this question. It's important to my work and the software I run.

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Re: Replace 5400rpm 320 HDD w 7200rpm 500 HDD on T400 7417-CTO

RLJ-54, welcome to the forum,


Short answer; go for it Smiley Wink


Long answer; as long as the drive is SATA 2.5" width and 9.5mm height you can use it in your T400. You might notice a difference in power consumption and heat, but that all depends on your usage.


Happy computing



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Replace 5400rpm 320 HDD w 7200rpm 500 HDD on T400 7417-CTO

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Thanks AndyP,


I figured out the reason why Lenovo didn't offer the 500 GB drive.  Western Digital didn't make one!!!  But now they do.  So I think I'll get that one.  For purposes of educating everyone else.  The new drive is the only one in the WD Scorpio Black Line-up that does not come with a "freefall sensor" option.  Since this laptop will be used in an car this feature is important to me, so I may yet step down to the 320GB 7200rpm Scorpio Black with freefall sensor and settle for the speed increase over the 5400 rpm dive currently installed.  Anyway thanks for the reply and I think this satisfies the question I placed in this post.

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