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How do I replace the HDD on the laptop?


  1. Firstly remove AC and battery from the laptop
  2. Turn the laptop around.
  3. Remove screw
    2011-07-28 11.23.20.jpg

  4. Once the screw has been removed, open the "latch" and you will notice a "ribbon" holding the HDD.
  5. Pull the "ribbon" out in order to remove to HDD.
    2011-07-28 11.24.16.jpg

  6. After the HDD has been removed, remove the "bumper" (pic below)
    2011-07-28 11.24.59.jpg

  7. After the bumper has been removed, you can now see 4 screws on the side, unscrew them
    2011-07-28 11.25.40.jpg

  8. Once all 4 screws has been removed, you can now replace the HDD.

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