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What's DOS?
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Rescue disks - how many??!?

I am now creating rescue disk for my new T420s. A couple of gripes:

-I hate the fact that the program does not tell you in advance how many disks you need, and that you can use a CD as the first disk (boot disk), otherwise with a DVD all the extra space would be wasted

-overall, I used 4x4.7GB DVDs (at least - I am burning the fourth at the moment of writing, and I really hope it's the last). The recovery partition is 10.4 GB, with 1.52GB free space. This should fit on two discs, shouldn't it? Maybe three if I want an extra shiny boot disc. Why do I need *four*?

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Betreff: Rescue disks - how many??!?

The first ist the Rescue and Recovery Boot CD with approx. 250 MB used space.

The other three DVD contain the windows recovery depending on the software-equipment from factory.

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Betreff: Rescue disks - how many??!?

I prefer to have a duplicate original HDD instead of rescue disks.  What I did was to get another HDD, and then clone the original factory drive.  I put that away in a safe place after testing it.  Now if I should need to be "rescued," I simply swap drives and ,move on.


Beyond that, I also have a current duplicate drive that is never more than a week old.  I rotate the two drives weekly, and thus can not imagine the need to even consider rescue disks.


I use this same method on both of my Lenovos, T60 and T510.

What's DOS?
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Re: Rescue disks - how many??!?

I am just doing the same thing on a Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 72.  I'm on creating recovery media disk 11 - when will it end!

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Re: Rescue disks - how many??!?

I used Acronis to make Factory Image. It allows backing up to external hardrive and is way faster. I tested by restoring.  I also made backup using Windows tool, just in case.

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