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Restoring to factory state using Rescue and Recovery after virus infection on T500


My computer was recently infected with a virus and although I was able to get rid of most of it, I've been advised that it may have been  W32.Ramnit,  which cannot be completely disinfected without a full wipe of the HDD..


I was looking through the stuff that came with my laptop when I ordered it in 2008, and it turns out that it doesn't come with a Vista CD, and therefore I'm at a loss with how to reformat my computer?



You can use Rescue and Recovery to make the recovery discs from the Rescue and Recovery partition. If the partition still exists, then you can just hit F11 at boot and restore to factory from there and it will reload C: without having to first make the disks.  


Checking the HDD, you should see several partitions.  The 1.46GB one should be the System Reserved one, which Rescue and Recovery is installed. The other - about 9.76GB, would be where the original factory image is actually stored.


You will want to backup files and personal data prior to starting Rescue and Recovery.   To start R&R:


Press F11 on bootup, or from power off you can press the blue Thinkvantage button.  Select the option to restore to factory state and follow the prompts.  At the end of the process, the system will reboot and you will go through normal first time Windows config to select timezone, language, and establish users on the system.  After Windows setup is complete, you reinstall the data you previously backed up.

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vegan-fanatic On 2018-07-31, 2:03 AM

I have a T500 that came with Vista, repalced that with windows 7, then 8  and now 10


My Vista recovery disks are kida obsolete 


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