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What's DOS?
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Reward for helping me out. Issue with Lenovo computers and musical equipment.

I know this may seem a wierd place to put this post, but as this looks like a conflict between hardware or drivers, I think it is possible that I can get better help from computer-Techs then Music-Techs.


Help me out before I grow bald and decapitate my self in agony.

I have used the last couple of months to build a setup to sooth my needs for using Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2.03

After hours of research I came up with a solution that says:

Computer: Lenovo T500 2.8Ghz with 4GB ram
Midi controllers: Numark Mixtrack Pro, Evolution UC-33e and Novation Launchpad
Softeware: Traktor Pro 2.03 and Midikatapult


All worked like a charm until I connected the Launchpad.
As it goes, it looks like the Launchpad and the T500 is a match made in HELL.

Whenever the Launchpad gets involved in any kind of midifeedback from Traktor or Midikatapult (for lighting up the LEDs), my computer totally freezes.
The freezes happens most of the time within a blink of an eye, and other times within half a seccond. Only options is to hard reset the computer in order to get out.

I have narrowed the issue to be some conflict between Lenovo and Launchpad.


Tried the setup on my wifes T400, with the same problem but when I hook it to my old HP it works fine (except for the HP being to slow to cope with it on a live playing basis).

Other people have the launchpad working fine on PC's with win7 pro 64bit just like me so it doesn't look like a win7 issue.


If I disable LED feedback, the setup works fine, but then I can't use midikatapult as it F&#$s my setup when I start up midikatapult. Seccondly it would be allmost impossible for me to navigate around a 80 button controller like the Launchpad without LED feedback.


I am in really pinned to the floor about having to buy another computer to get this working as the T500 sooths me perfect in all other aspects, so I am desperatly looking for a solution that doesn't envolve switching equipment or otherwise ruining me.

If you can give a usefull insight that solves this issue for me I will happily pay you 50$ for the trouble.

I really hope someone can help me out, and I know that I'm not the only one agonizing about this issue.

Best Regards Jeppe Johansden

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Re: Reward for helping me out. Issue with Lenovo computers and musical equipment.

I don't know anything about the MIDI products you're using so all I can do is give you some genreal tips, but hey, it might help. 

First question - are these products all USB-based?
Second question - have you tried using an external POWERED USB-hub?
Third question - does it do the same regardless of which USB port you're plugged into?  Some hardware seem to prefer certain ports to others.

Get back to me - will try to help.

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