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SMART Short Self Test Warning

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 with a HDD


Since I got upgraded to windows 10 unknowingly by MS , I kept on declining the request to upgrade from windows 7 but one day  it just started upgrading whilst I was away from the laptop, I've started occasionally hitting the error "2100: Detection error on HDD0"


So I thought best to do a disk scan and have hit the warnings below on the SMART test. It went through 80% of the SMART test  quickly i.e. 2-3 minutes and then hung on the last 20% ....... shud I b worried ?


Lenovo Diagnostics - Log

5/30/2016 21:33:54 - SMART Status TestPassed (0.16s)
5/30/2016 21:33:54 - Targeted Read TestPassed (1.16s)
5/30/2016 21:33:55 - Random Seek TestPassed (89.64s)
5/30/2016 21:35:25 - Funnel Seek TestPassed (74.27s)
5/30/2016 21:36:39 - SMART Short Self Test

5/30/2016 21:46:40 - Critical: Test has timed out: 600 s

Warning (600.92s)
5/30/2016 21:46:40 - SMART Drive Self Test

5/30/2016 21:56:41 - Critical: Test has timed out: 600 s

Warning (600.86s)


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