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Fanfold Paper
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Is T500 compatible with SATA-300 SSD Drive? Eventually, is there neccessary with an BIOS uppgrade or other driver software uppgrade?


this site says up to 8GB of RAM is supported on T500. Is this true?
Paper Tape
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Re: SSD and RAM



Yes it can be true. You will need a 64 bit OS for using more than 2 gigs of RAM.

I comment I've just created another topic on the Windows XP x64 issues which occured on my T400.

By the way the WinXP x64 is not officially supported by Lenovo, but supported by most of the hardware which can found in those laptops.

So please consider my topic before you upgrade to 8 gigs of ram.


The SSD: Officially I haven't found a Lenovo SSD seaparately, but maybe exists.

Since the Hard drive is a CRU (Customer Replacable Unit) you can replace it yourself without losing warranty.

I'm using a Samsung Flash drive instead of the standard HDD. It has 220 Mb/sec read and 120 Mb/sec write speed due to Samsung. I measured 80 Mb/sec writing speed with hdparm -Tt under linux 64 bit OS.

The numbers are not so important, it's drastically faster than a HDD Smiley Happy No sound, no heat...


I hope I gave answers for you question.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: SSD and RAM



I still wonder if T500 upport sata-300. SSD is supported.


Have you found 64bit drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650?

Do you have a different card?

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: SSD and RAM

tecnic wrote:


I still wonder if T500 upport sata-300.

It does.




I don't work for Lenovo
What's DOS?
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Re: SSD and RAM

I have a question about the SSD in my laptop. I'm having issues with my laptop BSODing and I wanted to pull the SSD and back it up on another PC. I do this all the time with IDE HDD and SATA HDD, but this is a first for a SSD. My PC does detect something is plugged in, but I can not read it. Disk mgmt does not see it nor does it come up in Device manager. I have tried plugging it in via USB and straight SATA to the MOBO. To be clear the PC other than going *ding* when it is plugged in does not detect the SSD at all.  A guy I work with has a fresh install of Windows XP and it does not even *ding* when it's plugged in. Do I need a driver? I figured it would just work. By the way I believe the BSOD is a memory error, because it BSODs when trying to boot to a live CD without the SSD in it. Thanks for your time.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: SSD and RAM

Sorry, i clicked on solved before you got answers to your topic.


You have of course bin in BIOS?

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