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Screen Stops Working Some Time After T400 Is Turned On



I have a T400 (purchased Nov. 2008, not on warranty anymore) whose screen stops working some time after the laptop is turned on. By "stops working", I mean the screen fades to a weird whitish color over a 30-60 second period. After restarting, it works fine again. I have an ATI GPU.


So far it's only happened when I have my 1920x1200 external monitor connected via the DVI port on my mini dock, and the external monitor continues to work even after the laptop screen stops. There was one instance in which my external monitor had noise on it (it works fine with other computers, so it's not malfunctioning), but after disconnecting/reconnecting the DVI cable to the dock, it worked again.


Someone told me that this is because there is a loose connection between the GPU and the motherboard, and as the laptop heats up, the GPU/motherboard expand and the connection comes loose. He said that I can use a blow dryer to reflow the connection. Since a new motherboard would cost ~$500, I am seriously considering this option.


Anyone know what would be the best course of action?



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