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Screens do not turn back on after being turned off by windows power saving

I have Windows 7 on my T410 set to turn off my monitors (I use a docking station) after 15 minutes of inactivity.

The problem is that when I come back to the computer, I cannot get the monitors to come back on.  They actually turn on, but remain blank.  No matter what I do they won't come on.  This happens every time.

I have found that if I close the lid and make it go to standby mode, and then open and come out of standby, it will SOMETIMES make the screens show a picture.

What is also weird is that when I open the lid, sometimes Windows will ask me for my password, and then after I enter it, the screens will go blank again.  So I have to keep going to standby 2 or 3 times till it works.


This happened both on the Lenovo version of Windows 7 and my own clean version of windows 7 that I installed.


Any ideas?


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