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Lenovo Staff
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In the T400 BIOS Display settings there are Default Primary Video Device and Graphics Device options.


If the Default Primary Video Device is set to PCI Express and the Graphics Device is set to Integrated Graphics. what will happen?


If the Default Primary Video Device is set to Internal and the [Graphics Device] is set to Discrete Graphics, then what will happen?


The Default Primary Video Device will come into place if you have an advanced dock with a graphics card installed in it.

If the Graphics Device Option has been set to Integrated, users will not be able to use the DVI port on the dock. If the Option has been set to ATI, the DVI port will be usable.


A tip: If you are using Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can manage the switching through the Power Manager software.


The PCI Express Option comes into play only if you have the dock with a PCI Express card.


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