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Shoddy Depot service

I recently sent my T400 to the "depot" to get serviced as the display was not working properly and the machine was still under warranty


Upon opening the machine, Lenovo discovered some spill damage and said they could not honor the warranty as I did not have damage coverage.  I have no issues with that, though I would have hoped that as a long-time Thinkpad owner (over 6 machines in the past 10 years), they might have covered it.


I asked them to return the machine as it was more economical to get a new computer rather  than having Lenovo fix it and then see if I could fix it myself.


Upon receiving the machine I found that the palm rest was significantly warped and found a screw coming out from under the palm rest. I will be, yet again, returning the machine to the depot.


I am very surprised that a) they would handle the machine so sloppily and b) that there was such limited quality control.  A previous time I sent the machine in, they forgot to return the power cord.


Lenovo needs to identify a better vendor to whom they outsource their repair work as this is significantly impacting the brand.


In the end, while I love the trackpoint and ThinkPad keyboard I went with a Mac.

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Re: Shoddy Depot service

@derivativejock wrote:

A previous time I sent the machine in, they forgot to return the power cord.

You're not supposed to send in anything but the laptop itself so that is no surprise. They even tell you not to send any accessories with it and to remove all upgrades prior to having it serviced.

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Re: Shoddy Depot service



Sorry to hear about your depot repair experience.   Can you PM me your current depot case number - as I would like to ensure we look after the repair.


We do want to improve - thanks for sharing your experience.



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