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Sleep -> Recharge -> Wakes up -> Hibernates on T410

I have a question maybe someone is able to answer.

When I set the laptop to sleep mode and then begin to recharge the battery, it stays asleep for a while then suddenly wakes up and goes into hibernate mode instead!? Is there a reason for that?


I have searched trough power optons but have not been able to figure out what setting may be causing this. My best guess right now is that software/hardware decides there is too little power left for sleep mode and therefore switches to hibernate instead. But strangely it still happens when I start to recharge at roughly 10% battery left.


Any ideas?

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Sleep -> Recharge -> Wakes up -> Hibernates on T410

I'm thinking this could happen for 2 reasons.


1) If you are in standby and NOT charging your battery...when the battery hits a low capacity critical level, the system will wake and go into hibernation to preserve  your data.


2) In Power Manager your profiles have an " Enter System Standby" timer setting and an "Enter System Hibernation" timer. These fields are under the Idle Timers section for each profile. If the Hibernation timers is 2 hrs for example, you system will wake in 2 hrs and go into hibernation. This setting is useful because the power drain on your battery is less in hibernation than it is in standby so the next time you wake, you'll have more capacity available to you.

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