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Sleeping T460 and discharged battery

Dear Gents


I am looking for advice relating sleeping mode. I am lazy and I like if I can shutdown my running Windows 10 just by closing lid once I get sleep. I set in power management action such as sleeping mode after lid closure. If I want to start T460 next day it is completely discharged and I need plug it to power immediately.It seems sleeping mode is powering up some internal circuitry and there is significiant power drain from battery. On contrary hibernation works days and battery si still fresh.


Can anybody explain if is better in terms of low power consumption and battery discharging hibernation or sleeping mode? I have hibernation disabled because of I minded big gigabyte hibersys file eating space from my harddrive so hibernation is greyed now.


Many thanks helping me to find optimal power mode if I want to keep my T460 standby.


Kindest regards



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Re: Sleeping T460 and discharged battery

Sleep mode does not completely power off your system because it needs to maintain the current state of the system by storing it in RAM; connected USB devices may still drain power, and the cooling fans may even power up to cool the system as needed, so there is always battery drain when in sleep mode.   


In hibernation, all current state data is written to the hiberfil.sys and the system completely powers off (no battery drain), so if you wan't no battery drain, use hibernation, and put up with the hiberfil.sys file.



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Re: Sleeping T460 and discharged battery


S3 power state (sleep mode)  needs to power RAM modules and some system components. So it consumes some power, but not enough to drain all battery, assuming the remaining available battery charge is adequate.  I guess what's happening  here is that system is resumed by some event. Did you configure the idle sleep timer in power & sleep  to never?

Connect an AC adapter to your laptop during the night, and you may find your system powered on the next morning.

The command 'powercfg /lastwake'  should give you the reason for the last wake event.



with 'powercfg /waketimers'    you can see all possible events that can wake the system from power state  S3 (sleep) or S4 (hybernate).

Check if some scheduled tasks are listed, like UpdateOrchestrator. Open task scheduler, find the tasks,  look at properties and uncheck 'wake the computer to run this task'



 You could run the utility TurnedOnTImesView from nirsoft and see if system indeed was powered on during the night.


TurnedOnTimesView is a simple tool that analyses the event log of Windows operating system, and detects the time ranges that your computer was turned on.



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