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Lenovo Staff
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I wanted to swap out the factory installed 7200 RPM Hitachi for a Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid.

The task seemed simple enough - one screw, pull tab on caddy and withdraw from bay.  Remove rubber rails and caddy from drive and place on replacement drive.  Replace into bay.


The whole process worked with one exception. As soon as the T410 is tilted or is subject to minimal vibration the drive loses connection to the laptop. This is a particular issue because this laptop is being used on a stage where there is molto vibration.


Thinking it was a faulty drive I ordered two more. Both suffered the same issue.


Then I ordered a regular  WD 7200 RPM mechanical drive. It too, was unstable, like the rest.


In fact, the only drive which seems immune is the supplied Hitachi.

Is there a workaround?




Your Active Protection System Overview settings may have been set too high and hence, resulted in this phenomenon.


Try reducing sensitivity or even disabling APS altogether, at least temporarily, and see if that resolves the issue.

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